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Walk Amongst the Tupelos in Lincoln Mountain State Forest and More ~ Dec 20, 2016

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Current photos

Whacking the bushes... - added by Scott
Swhacking the swamp.... - added by Scott
A tupelo tree. - added by Scott
Lunch. Anyone care for a chuck of ice to gnaw on? - added by Scott
Desolate beauty - added by Scott
Abandoned heron rookery - added by Scott
Where art thou, porcupine? - added by Scott
Group at the handle tree - added by Jim
Group & the handle tree - added by Jim
Group - closeup of the handle tree - added by Jim
Scott showing just how hollow some tupelo tree trunks are - and still alive! - added by Wanderer
Deep texture often found on the tupelo tree bark - added by Wanderer
Ice crystals in the swamp - added by Wanderer
Exiting the swamp - saying goodbye to the tupelos until the next visit - added by Wanderer
The "kissing" tree - added by Wanderer
Lunch on a root ball .... - added by Wanderer
.... or alone on a fallen tree. Slim pickins for lunch spots on this day. - added by Wanderer
Always colorful - Jim - added by Wanderer