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Sandgate Bike Ride ~ Oct 10, 2019

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Current photos

Getting ready – lots of anticipation of a great ride ahead with lots of color on the route - added by Ken
A Friend in VT - added by Ken
Sugar Shack - added by Ken
photo op – Covered Bridge on Sandgate Road - added by Ken
Ken modeling a pair of his favorite biking gloves – he says he has another pair just like these at home! - added by Ken
Pat signing the visitor’s register and checking to see if Tom has any mail – sorry Tom – maybe next year! - added by Wanderer
Ken getting acquainted with his new friend! Did you know that all donkeys have a cross on their backs (although not easy to see on some) and even though it may disappear as they age if you shave their coat it would be visible? - added by Wanderer
Nice color along Camden Road - added by Wanderer
Some people have to work for a living! - added by Wanderer
Crossing into Sandgate - added by Wanderer
Linda and Terry enjoying the bike ride – this was Terry’s second Cane’s adventure. - added by Wanderer
Lunch in the sun (most of the group – the others are exploring) - added by Wanderer
Sandgate Center Cemetery – the first cemetery established in the town in the late 1700’s – the earliest recorded gravesite is that of Capt. Nathaniel Jones who died on February 6, 1794. - added by Wanderer
Just a couple of views of the cemetery from our lunch spot. The pic on the left is a view across the valley at Minister Hill, 2100’. The pic on the right includes some of the gravestones on the hillside above where we had lunch. Some of us noticed that many of the gravestones that were broken and lying on the ground in previous visits have been repaired and standing tall once again! - added by Wanderer
View from Norman Rockwell’s house of the Chapel on the Green and the West Arlington Covered Bridge. His home had been converted into an Inn but is now for sale. - added by Wanderer
Nearing the end of our journey – back in New York – lots of color. - added by Wanderer