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Hurri-Canes Mountain Hike (Hurricane) ~ Aug 29, 2019

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Current photos

Claudia with her “Happy Birthday Musical Cupcake” next to Peter holding a container of chocolates – what a combo!
Anneliese and Claudia
Denis and Bob – competitors in the “Rip Van Winkle” contest. I think Bob has to be reminded that he is not allowed to eat while sleeping!
In celebration of Claudia’s birthday our group has been renamed the “Hurri-Canes” for the day! Her guests include: Eric, Ed, Scott, Steve, Bob, Bob A, Ray, Margie, Lynn, Fran, Lori, Wendy, Anneliese, Gail, Cathy and her friend Terri, Shelly, Peggy, Kim, Jayne, - the bag people Denis and his daughter Kate, and Claudia (waiting for the helicopter to take them down the mountain) .... and already on their way down the mountain - Lenore & Jack and Joani & Dean – with Peter behind the camera.
Noon snack with the tower in sight. - added by Lenore
Giant steps on Hurricane - added by Lenore
Beautiful view behind the Canes - added by Lenore
Happy birthday, Claudia - added by Lenore
Dean meets a new friend. - added by Lenore
Red Eft on the trail - added by Eric
Rest stop with summit in view - added by Eric
Not a bad vantage point! - added by Eric
View to NW from the tower; Whiteface is over Shelly's red hat - added by Eric
Photo added by Eric
"The Alignment": Big Slide in front of Algonquin. - added by Eric
Our route - 6.5 miles roundtrip on Eric's GPS - added by Eric
Small wetland alongside the trail near the start - added by Wanderer
Crags of Hurricane Mtn. with our destination in view - added by Wanderer
Steve, Peggy and Lenore just beneath the steep part - added by Wanderer
Anneliese at the “big” step and success! - added by Wanderer
Happy hikers at lunch - added by Wanderer
Taking in the mountain views in style – from beneath us. The pilot tipped his wings to say hello – I was just too slow to get a pic. - added by Wanderer
Storm clouds gathering over Rocky Peak Ridge (L) and Giant (R) but it did not rain - added by Wanderer
View N at the Jay Range – scheduled for September 26th - added by Wanderer
View NW at Whiteface Mtn. (13mi) and Esther to the R - added by Wanderer
The Hurri-Canes plus a few other hikers - added by Wanderer
View SW of the High Peaks from Dix Mtn. (L) to Mount Marcy (R) - added by Wanderer
View SW of the Dix Range (L) and Nippletop (R) – the small mountain in-between the two, on the horizon, may be either Boreas or Wolf Pond Mtn. ? - added by Wanderer
C’mon – you can do it! – Steve, Eric and Jayne - added by Wanderer
Work of an ambitious beaver or perhaps Steve the Axeman? - added by Wanderer
Peaceful path - added by Wanderer
Denis and his daughter Kate celebrating their completion of the Fire Tower Challenge – congratulations! - added by Wanderer
Bob and Jayne comparing their tick removal tools – I don’t know about any of you but if I need the one that Bob has I’m not hiking! - added by Wanderer
Eric earlier posted a photo: "The Alignment: Big Slide in front of Algonquin." This is: "The Alignment: Big Slide in front of Hurricane." (Hurricane in the distance as viewed from Algonquin) - added by Scott