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Baldface Mountain Paddle/Hike/Paddle ~ Aug 22, 2019

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Current photos

Beached in Norman's Cove and ready to hike.
A pause on the muddy trail wondering when the steep part begins.
A rest before the final climb
Are we there yet?
Lunch overlooking Norman's Cove
Lunch on the rocks
Lunch with a view of Snowy Mountain
Looking across Indian Lake
Preparing to brave the wind
"Windy with occasional gusts," quoth Peter.
Going for seconds? Smart move.
Eating, chatting, relaxing
Donna napping by the food table? Really? Must have been a tough paddle.
Berries of the hobblebush plant – with a bug doing a taste test on one of them - added by Wanderer
“Unicorn Tree” with an owl resting on its head – a very common occurrence - added by Wanderer
Rugged terrain/cliffs below the top - added by Wanderer
Normans Cove below with Blue Mountain on the horizon (R) - added by Wanderer
View W - Snowy Mountain horizon (C) – just shy of a “High Peak” at 3,900’ - added by Wanderer
Just another lunch pic - added by Wanderer
Headed down - added by Wanderer
A mushroom of course – a pretty one at that! - added by Wanderer
Mushroom combo – 2 for 1! - added by Wanderer
Peter – anticipating the crossing in windy conditions …. - added by Wanderer
…. followed by Donna - added by Wanderer
Don’t be scared – just a common dock spider – they are big though! - added by Wanderer
Storytelling time - added by Wanderer