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Hudson River Paddle ~ May 15, 2014

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Current photos

Snake Rock from whence our journey began. But how did it get its name? Is it because the shape resemble a snake's head or perhaps someone was bitten by a snake on this very spot? Darn if I know. - added by Ray
Looking upstream from Snake Rock. - added by Ray
Forgive me for cheating a little by inserting an old picture of Bluets from my files. They really were growing on the shore by Snake Rock but the wind was blowing so hard by then that my pictures were useless. - added by Ray
Margie pointed out a patch of Sessile Bellworts growing across the road from Snake Rock so I took advantage of the opportunity. - added by Ray
We're on our way to 1000 Acre Ranch, a mere 9 miles downstream. - added by Ray
Photo added by Ray
Photo added by Ray
Now aren't you glad you decided not to paddle with us? Tom yelled out, "It's a little bony but you can run it on the right." OK, I fibbed just a little but I'll bet it got your attention. - added by Ray
Checking out the False Hellebore on the shore. - added by Ray
We finally made it to 1000 Acre Ranch with plenty of time to spare. - added by Ray
The following pictures were taken after the paddle was over and everyone else had headed for home. Well, almost every one. Most of them are pastoral scenes along River Rd.. Some were taken just to show the many delicate shades of green that make spring such a beautiful time of year. - added by Ray
The clouds became thicker and darker by mid-afternoon. Rain was on the way. - added by Ray
Photo added by Ray
Photo added by Ray
Photo added by Ray
A new bridge was needed at the point where Patterson Creek goes under River Rd after Hurricane Irene passed through. - added by Ray
Ray's placid photographic moment at Snake Rock took an unexpected turn when lots of company arrived! - added by Diane
Photo added by Diane
Lunch time at Route 418. - added by Diane
Arrival at 1000 Acres Ranch. - added by Diane
How many Canes can you fit in a Prius? In addition to the five in this photo.......... - added by Diane
........our Host Tom Gibbs did not escape being photographed in the Prius Packing! - added by Diane
Really, Lenore, Adirondack guys love a girl with her own kayak and we four have twenty boats between us! It took some work, but look at the trap we set! - added by Diane