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Trot Off The Turkey At Berry Pond ~ Nov 27, 2015

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Current photos

Here we all are, warmly dressed and ready to shed layers.
Lynn and son Chris - a third generation Crooked Cane!
Donna and Aden
A very comfortable and scenic lunch spot that was not easy to leave.
Berry Pond
A Pitcher plant nearly surrounded by ice.
At Donna's suggestion of ice cream at Stewart's, Aden is off like a flash!
Joy with proof of three quarter inch thick ice still hanging in there at nearly 60 degrees.
...197, 198, 199....C'mon Chris, you can lift that log 225 times!
One might be inclined to believe the notch on the right was taken out in one big chomp.
A beaver's sculpture of a monk. Or maybe he remembered Ray from out last trip.