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Brookhaven Golf Course Ski and Snowshoe ~ Feb 16, 2017

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Current photos

Herding cats!
Skiers underway - the last time they were all together
Louise - damsel in distress, with Jim and his Velcro to the rescue
Kurt playing in the snow
Fine looking group - the snowshoers
Tom, Don, Donna and Peter heading for lunch
Joanne testing the softness of off-piste powder - photo provided by Barbara
Tip of the day - make sure you look both ways before removing your pack and snowshoes in the middle of the road! (Linda P & Jim I)
Lunch at the Haven Tee Room 1
Lunch at the Haven Tee Room 2
Lunch at the Haven Tee Room 3
Hi Bob!
That would make a crooked cane for sure
Quick stop for a pic - Jim I, Linda F, Linda P, Denis
Snow Shoe Group - added by Jim
Food Man - Nice Place - added by Jim
Tom - added by Jim
Afternoon - added by Jim
The skiers being herded across the road by Tom so everyone could have a nice long morning run before sitting down to a sumptuous lunch at the Haven. To quote Tom, "It was like herding cats", which means once the "Cats" reached the other side they scattered in different directions. And just like cats, the pangs of hunger eventually brought them all back together so they could lap up the soup and chili. - added by RayB
Many in our group headed home after lunch, but Tom, Shelley and I decided we needed to burn off a few more calories, and get in some great runs to boot. - added by RayB
At one point on the trail Tom suggested I put my camera on a post so we could have a group picture. Now mind you, I had all of 10 sec. to get back down the hill to the spot where he had planted his poles. - added by RayB
Well as you can see 10 sec. wasn't quite enough, but at least the camera captured my good side. Some of you may recall a similar incident a few years ago when we skied into Camp Santanoni and had lunch in the Boat House. I coulda, shoulda, woulda brought along my remote camera release, but it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun. - added by RayB
Finally, a few winter scenes that made our day a very enjoyable one. - added by RayB
Photo added by RayB
Photo added by RayB