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Spectacle and Gull Ponds Hikes ~ Jan 7, 2016

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Current photos

The Mob - added by Ray
Three Hikers at Gull Pond - added by Ray
Layered ice shelves with glassy icicle droplets. - added by Margie
Tom takes the lead with Don following, thankful for microspikes on this snowy bridge. - added by Margie
Lynn with peaceful Gull Pond and the rocky cliffs beyond. - added by Margie
When flowers are nowhere in sight this tree fungus adorns the woodsy scene. - added by Margie
Peter, our leader, crossing Spectacle Brook - added by RayB
The first of 4 scenes along Spectacle Brook. - added by RayB
Photo added by RayB
Photo added by RayB
Photo added by RayB
A touch of green. - added by RayB
A scene on the far side of Gull Pond. - added by RayB
Prep time at the trailhead - added by Wanderer
Frozen cascades on Spectacle Brook - added by Wanderer
Stalactites of ice - added by Wanderer
Cascade of snow and ice - added by Wanderer
Hi Susan! - added by Wanderer
Yet another victim of the dreaded trail marker - added by Wanderer
Views along the trail were not only of the stream - added by Wanderer
Pharaoh Mt and its cliffs across Spectacle Pond - added by Wanderer
Pharaoh Mt and Spectacle Pond from our lunch spot - added by Wanderer
Jim, Fran & Leon in the bright sunlight - added by Wanderer
Joanne, Fran, Gail & Bob - added by Wanderer
Jack, Lenore & Peter - added by Wanderer
Packing up after lunch - Peter, Karen & Donna waiting - added by Wanderer
Being careful - Shelly, Larry, Barbara & Jack - added by Wanderer
Gull Pond and the cliffs below the overlook - added by Wanderer
The "Mob" at Gull Pond - including Ray H - added by Wanderer
Happy face - added by Wanderer
Replica of Stonehenge of ice on Gull Pond - this image was taken back on 1-18-2010 on a CC hike before the journal. Attendees were - Don, Sam, myself and Marcia Bryan (in picture). She was the only one with a camera - a point and shoot film camera - Don scanned the picture for this journal entry. - added by Wanderer