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Moxham Mountain ~ May 24, 2018

Journal entry by Joanne for Bonnie Whitman

Yup.. a new record for CC’s!  Attendance for Bonnie’s Moxham Mountain hike reached 34 hikers…an all-time HIGH !!

Incidentally Bonnie also owns the record for the SHORTEST hike ... (Stewarts Ledge - 1 mile).  Today’s hike combined both hiking groups with the understanding that A Team may or may not “summit” depending on the wishes of the group.

Weather:  Warm, sunny, breezy, mid 70’s, clear and gorgeous, new foliage in full bloom.

BUG ALERT!  Mosquitoes and early black flies were in grand abundance (think hundreds of thousands!)

Hike time up:  1 hr 35 minutes for some of the group…a bit longer for those who took their time and actually noticed and appreciated flowers, beaver dams, birds – including the urgent call of a red-breasted grosbeak seeking a girlfriend.  At each of the 3 major lookouts we saw snow on Gore Mountain (and at times wished we could have a snowball fight as we were getting mighty hot). 

Hike time down:  Very different for each group of people but as hikers arrived at the parking lot, various cars were hunkered down with windows tightly shut and AC blasting…everyone trying to avoid the swarms of bugs awaiting car mates.  Groups returned to CTL by 4 pm.

There were many “bug deterring fashion statements” and there were hearty “who cares “ fashion statements like Steve with his shorts, and bug bites (and he did his great trail work chopping several downed trees).

WELCOME BACK LINDA FEDORICK— Can’t believe you did the entire hike!  We’re expecting to see you on Everest next year!

Great day, with great group! 

5/25/18 - Bonnie Whitman added 4 photos.

5/25/18 - Scott Anderson added 6 photos.

10 photos

Tom, Don, Linda and Peter, Diane and Kurt, Lenore and Jack, Sandy and Bob, Licia and Steve, Fran, Linda P, Joanne, Lori, Susie, Bonnie, Katie, Tim, Steve, Scott, Marcia (new), Cathy C, Ed, Jayne, Glenn, Shelly, Tim W, Claudia, Nancy, Barbara, Bob – - added by Bonnie

We're almost there..... - added by Bonnie

What a great view for sharing our lunch with the bugs. - added by Bonnie

Peter in front of the class. - added by Bonnie

Fun times at the beaver pond... - added by Scott

Someone said there was a $5 buffet at the top of Moxham Mtn... - added by Scott

Ladies Adirondack spring attire, modeled by Fran. - added by Scott

Beaver? Nope...a Stever (Mackey) - added by Scott

Steve giving trail maintenance lesson. - added by Scott

Tadpole swarm - added by Scott


Tom, Don, Linda & Peter, Diane & Kurt, Lenore & Jack, Sandy & Bob, Licia & Steve, Fran, Linda P, Joanne, Lori, Susie, Katie, Tim, Steve, Scott, Marcia, Cathy C, Ed, Jayne, Glenn, Shelly, Tim W, Claudia, Nancy, Barbara, Bob, Dorie – and our guide Bonnie!

Viewing 31 of 31 - 2018


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