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Prospect Mountain ~ Dec 27, 2018

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

The fourth week in a row of perfect weather for Crooked Canes outings and Holiday cheer was universal among this band of twenty-seven hikers champing at their bits to head up Prospect Mountain from the Lake George Rec Area, right next to the Lake George dump, my favorite location to drop Kurt off (frequently) and which is his all-time favorite place to shop. That it was a sunny, nearly wind free day didn't hurt a bit. 

Off we went for our group photo just below a falls a short distance into the woods on a tributary of West Brook. Crossing the stream to get to the falls, a normally 'no problem' crossing, was made a bit tricky by a healthy stream flow and ice on the high-tech bridge, a single 1 x 10 plank with ice on one side and nails on the other.  We chose the icy side and with nobody ready for a swim, all made the crossing.

Not until roughly half way up did spikes become important and we were able to take them off once at the summit parking lot. Quite a few folks had never been on this route up the southern side of Prospect and seemed to enjoy it quite a bit over the rather brutal 'frontal assault' trail they remembered climbing in ye olde days of yore.

Arriving at the summit, the views were as we had hoped: terrific. We could see the High Peaks and Gore Mountain to the north, the Green Mountains, including snowy Pico and Killington, to the east, the Palmertown Range (Moreau SP) to the south and everything in between.

Without wind, we lingered for a while at the summit then moved down to the pavilion area where a hotel once stood and a funicular railway once "whisked" guests from Lake George Village (then known as Caldwell) to the summit.  Some of the funicular machinery and masonry are still on display. More on that HERE.

After a half hour or a little more (must have been on the 'more' side as I was able to finish my tea!) our fingers were getting pretty chilly, handwarmers were deployed and we headed off to a way down the mountain that, like the trail we ascended, was unknown to quite a few of our band.

The previous day's rain did a great job of freezing the night before our hike on the path we descended, a predecessor of the Prospect Mountain Highway known as Big Hollow Road.  Either a little more ice or a little less of it would have been nice on the top half, but the going overall was pretty good. 

Big Hollow Brook, a tributary of English Brook which enters Lake George about a mile north of where West Brook enters the lake near the Steel Pier (steamboat dock), parallels Big Hollow Road most of the way to the bottom of the mountain.  We dipped into the woods for a short way to a small but scenic waterfall, then returned to the road where we had nearly continuous views of waterfalls, cascades, pools and artistically formed ice until we reached the base of the mountain.

Most everyone took off their spikes about half way down as the ice on the road had pretty well petered out. A peek at ice in the culverts under the Northway between us and comfy cars with heaters had everyone putting the spikes back on for the final 200 feet of our trip.

It was a damp, chilly 28 degrees as we finished our stroll but a couple quick shuttles back to the Rec Area had everyone on their way home pretty quick after a really nice outing.

So glad to have you along, Mike and cousin Bonnie, Lenore & grandson Jack, Jan & Jim, Eric, Linda & Peter, Shelly, Licia & Steve and their daughter Heather, Karen & Leon, Carolyn and cousin Andrea, Lynn & son Chris, Fran, my nephew Michael, Linda, Claudia, Bob, Margie, Cathy, Kurt and of course myself!

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Our gang. Note the falls in the background. It's a real nice place for a photo of real nice people!

Back-lit winter decor.

A tricky crossing.

Five who summited. The group photo at this location was blurred. I must have been shaking with excitement. Sorry!

Jan: "Oh Jim! Really? I can take this comfy couch home? It really is nice and it's only been on display for six months or so! Probably won't even stink too bad." Jim: "Um, now dear....we've already got 36 road kill couches and.....oh yes, of course we'll take it home!"

"Ice On the Rocks" - added by Jim

Ice art - added by Wanderer

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Sure footed – R to L – Linda, Diane, Lynn, Bob, Chris, Margie, Linda - added by Wanderer

Final stretch – under the Northway - added by Wanderer

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