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A-Team Paddle at Spier Falls ~ Jul 12, 2018

Journal entry by Fran Herve for Tom Gibbs

Some of us were in the mood for paddling and Tom had the perfect location: Spier Falls on the Hudson. 

It was the ideal day for a relaxing trip. The weather was pleasantly warm with no humidity and just a light breeze, blue sky and sunshine. We had 7 paddlers: Tom- our leader- Ray and Carolyn Bouchard, Joy, Claire, Lynn and myself. We had not seen Ray, Carolyn or Joy in quite a while so we had a lot of catching to do. 

Along the way we spotted a pair of red-tailed hawks, herons, swallows, cedarwaxwings, a beaver, ducks and heard many wonderful bird songs.

Four of us paddled from the launch to the dam while the others chose to stop a little early at an inviting lunch spot. We all regrouped for  more chatting and returned together to the launch.

Thank you Tom for a great paddle and suggesting the ice cream stop at Stewart's.

7/13/18 - joy munro added 6 photos.

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Tom enjoying a perfect day on the Hudson.

Ray and Carolyn, it was great to have you with us. The Canes have missed you so much!

Our leader Tom waiting for everyone to launch - added by joy

Tom leading, Claire testing the water as we get started - added by joy

Lynn and Claire - added by joy

We discovered a pair of hawks not long after we started. They appeared to be trying to lead us away from their nest; they "leap-frogged" ahead of us, not going far with each leap, calling when they landed to keep drawing us on and away from their nest... - added by joy

As soon as they were sure they had our attention, they'd fly on a little farther... - added by joy

Lynn, claire, and Fran following... - added by joy

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