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Clear and John Pond Loop Hike ~ Sep 20, 2018

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Fourth time was the charm. Hurricane Florence failed to materialize here so we hiked on a cool, partly sunny day. We gradually ascended the old trail, with a new diversion to avoid a muddy spot. Clear Pond lived up to its name, calm and lovely, showing a bare rock entrance into the lake, as well as reflecting the surrounding woods and sky. We paused there for a lemon bar snack while considering swimming possibilities. After retracing our steps a little, the new trail to the John Pond led us gradually up and down through a variety of woodland.

We took a short side walk to John Pond past an old fish dam. Many Canes found suitable log and rock sites for lunch, with a view across the way of bulging cliffs and early fall foliage. The third leg of our hike soon led to a side trail to the graves of two young victims of the diptheria epidemic of the 1890's. We tried to imagine this quiet, wooded and secluded area as a bustling logging and farming community of Canadian immigrants 125 years ago. Passing through pine groves, by old beaver meadows, and high above a stoney stream, we came to the beginning of the trail and and the end of our five mile trek through Indian Lake country.

Thanks to Peter and Linda, Kurt and Diane, Jim and Ruth, Dean and Joan, Rich and Barbara, Kevin, Karen, Margie, Cathy, Donna, Pat, Linda P., Gail, Mary, Katie, Bonnie, Shelley, Don, and Lori for joining us.  

16 photos

Fourth try, 26 Canes, 10 cars, we're ready!

Our professional photographer at work.

What are they looking at?

Turkey tail fungus

Donna and Mary admiring Clear Pond

Looking over a beaver lodge to the site of our lemon bar break.

Lori pointing to a pileated diner.

What is that dark critter stalking the Canes?

Sun-dappled trail

A convivial lunch

Lakeside lunch

John Pond

Secluded lean-to

Karen and Linda reflecting on life and death in abandoned communities.

Hiking through the final meadow before trail's end.

Wood Nymphs - added by Cathy

Viewing 55 of 55 - 2018


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