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Battlefield walk ~ Dec 22, 2011

Journal entry by Fran Herve

It was a joy for our group when we met at the Battlefield Visitor Center to find that twenty nine of our friends decided that they had enough time to gather for a short walk a few days before all the Christmas festivities. Some trails were very muddy but after the heavy rains of the previous day we were all happy to spend some time outside without an umbrella and enjoyed a little sunshine. We never heard the ghost whispers but we marveled over the mild temperatures and were delighted to spot two deer in the distance. Some had never visited this wonderful park and most of us enjoy many different activities regularly there so we were eager to take them to some of the stops with the historical canons and the history buffs in the group gave them a brief lesson. Upon returning to the Visitor Center we were pleasantly surprised to find our friends Chuck and Edith waiting for us on the patio. We all spread out at the picnic tables for lunch and visited with everyone. I received one of the last Crooked Canes T-shirts so now I really feel like an old timer! Soon it was time to say goobye and wish each other a merry Christmas.

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Battlefield trail

Looking towards Vermont

Lunch on the patio

The Crooked Canes on the march at Saratoga Battlefield! Wonderful outing...nice weather, great turnout....Thanks to Fran. - by Ken

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