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Darling Mt Snowshoe ~ Dec 19, 2013

Journal entry by Ken Gericke

Happy Holidays Canes

Yesterday was certainly a welcome respite from the frigid weather of the past week or so. A bright warming sun, 'balmy' temps reaching into the mid 30s, light breezes, 12"-14" of new pristine snow, and 20 Crooked Canes filled with holiday cheer (and Xmas cookies); a wonderful outing. I believe this is the 1st time the Canes have used or needed snowshoes in December in 2 years. Fortunately, the 1 1/2 mile trail had already been broken by a couple snowshoers, making our ascent a bit easier. It didn't take long though for our 20 trekkers, marching in single file, to beat a well worn Darling Mt 'sidewalk'. More good fortune as we reached the summit and overlook. In past autumn/winter trips here we have been driven from the overlook by harsh freezing winds, forcing our troop to seek shelter back in the trees for a lunch stop. But, yesterday's calm and warmth allowed everyone to savor the beautiful views, plop down in the snow, and enjoy a snack or sandwich...lots of delicious Christmas cookies and candy. HEY!...we need the energy.

Reluctantly, we head back down our now well beaten trail, great conversation and laughter echoing through the forest. One small mishap, Joanne's snowshoe binding broke, resulting in a fall along side the track....hard to get up from the deep stuff. As always, Ray Bouchard to the rescue, repairs made, and back on the trail, but not before lots of laughs.

At the end of the 3 mile Darling Mt hike, most opted to call it a day, Xmas preparations, shopping and cooking yet to be done. Peter, Linda, Joanne and Jim R decided to continue and snowshoe part of the trail around Butler Pond. After swapping snowshoes for skis, I was joined by, or should I say, tried to keep up with, the 'Iron Ladies', Fran and Lenore, to x/c ski the 3 miles around the pond. As with the rest of this fine day, the skiing conditions were great.

Many thanks: Kurt and Diane, Joanne, Katie and Ray, Sam, Jim R, Don, Tom, Mary, Linda and Peter, Donna, Ray B, Fran, Lenore, Lynn, Margie, and Claire.


12/21/13 - Wanderer . added 8 photos.

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Getting settled at our lunch/overlook...facing southwest.

Mary and Jim seats in the house.

Short rest stop, all accounted for.

Joanne's snowshoe binding malfunction.

Ray to the rescue!

Trailhead Preparation - added by Wanderer

Underway - added by Wanderer

The Elusive Cabin - nearly impossible to see when the leaves are on the trees - added by Wanderer

Lunchtime - added by Wanderer

Lake Vanare and Potash Mt with Hadley Mt Ridge - top left - added by Wanderer

Rest Stop - added by Wanderer

Jim R, Joanne and Linda - added by Wanderer

Butler Pond Looking North to Prospect Mt - added by Wanderer

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