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Peaked Mountain Hike ~ Dec 23, 2016

Journal entry by Rich Elton

Eleven intrepid hikers set out on this sunny morning for Peaked Mountain Pond and its namesake mountain, fitting in a final hike befoe the Christmas weekend. Our first pit stop was the North Creek Stewart's shop. Fortunately it was a longer-than-usual break, which allowed time for the Johnsburg Town road crew to plow out Beach Road leading to the parking lot.

After a brief wait for the plow to make us room to park, we set out on microspikes. No one opted the beach today, despite the sunny weather. The trail in went along the scenic shore of Thirteenth Lake, passing some interesting icicle formations on the rocks.

Heading away from the lake, we began the slow gradual ascent toward Peaked Mountain Pond. En route, we had the opportunity to walk amongst a family of large glacial erratics, which have been awaiting our arrival for, oh, about 11,700 years or so. No pebbles, these. The largest measured about 25 feet high. These pleistocene monoliths stand mute testimony to the incredible force of the last ice age glacier.

The nearby beaver flow also offered us our first peek at the peak, with its dramatic cliffs and hemlock-crested ridgeline.

After about 3 miles, we reached the Pond, and found a great lunch spot mostly blown free of snow. Lunch was enjoyed by all.  This became the turn around point for the nominal "A" group, and they departed soon thereafter for a liesurely walk out.

Six of us forged ahead for a bid on the summit, and within a few hundred yards, we encountered the mountain proper. The mountain decided not to yield itself without a fight however. Soon we found ourselves facing long runs of steep hard ice on the trail, which were a challenge for even the sharpest microspikes. While no pitons or ice axes were used, we were thankful for numberous "vegetation assists" provided by hemlock roots and branches.

Our ascent went slowly, but before too long we managed to gain higher ground, and finally popped out on a sunny summit offering nice views to the South and East. Particularly stunning was the bird's eye view of the Pond, which seemed to spread itself out almost directly below us from the top of the cliff face.

Around to the North a number of the High peaks could be spotted, although they were mostly wrapped in local clouds of their own making against an otherwise blue sky. The only mishap was when Rich E saw his apple bounding away off the cliff. Oh well, they say fast food isn't good for you anyway.

If the ascent went slowly, the descent went even more so, as no one was interested in taking the "rapid transit" option. Several adventurers even tried taking alternate routes off the trail with varying degrees of success. But eventually we reached flatter ground. What at first sounded like wind in the pine tops turned out to be the collective sighs of relief from the survivors.

The hike out brought us to Thriteenth Lake in time for a nice sunset, and before too long we were back to the cars after a somewhat longer-than-usual but very rewarding day in the woods.

12/26/16 - Diane Wisell added 7 photos. 12/26/16 - Rich Elton added 2 photos. 12/27/16 - RayB Bouchard added 10 photos. 3/13/18 - Wanderer . added 16 photos.

40 photos

First time outing leaders Rich & Rich displayed impeccable timing with the plow truck finishing the parking lot just in time! - added by Diane

Old Man Winter bares his teeth. - added by Diane

"Rich, come on out of there and don't you worry about getting squished when you let go! I'm holding it up just fine." - added by Diane

Rich finds another pebble. Fortunately, this one didn't tip over on him and I could relax. - added by Diane

Amy, nearing the top of Peaked for a VERY well earned reward. - added by Diane

Rich and Amy celebrate having completed the easy glide up Peaked Mountain. - added by Diane

Looking back toward Thirteenth Lake from the summit of Peaked. - added by Diane

Our first peek at the peak! - added by Rich

One of the first of a family of Pleistocene Pebbles. They got bigger as we proceeded. - added by Rich

This hike was enjoyed by Peter, Scott, Rich and Rich, and his daughter Amy, Linda P, Margie, Ray and Ray, Diane and Kurt (taking the photo),

It looks like the beaver took a break midway through lunch, but it has been awhile since he left

It's not clear if Peter is taking a picture of something in the snow or taking a selfie

Maybe when we saw this ice we should have figured that heading up the mountain we would encounter some more ice. (No, we didn't have to climb the ice shown here.)

Since Kurt spent most of his time on the other side of the lens, I thought we should at least show one photo of him, especially since he (and the rest of us) worked so hard to get to the top

Peaked Mountain Pond, with its namesake in the distance. - added by RayB

Kurt, and Rich Elton (co-leader) enjoying their lunch before making the final scramble up the steep and icy slope to the summit of Peaked Mt. - added by RayB

Scott - added by RayB

Diane - added by RayB

Diane, Margie, Linda and Ray Boucher enjoying a brief rest stop on our way back to the cars. - added by RayB

Ray assisting Linda with her Microspikes. - added by RayB

As we have been reminded recently by the close call on Algonquin, winter can be a dangerous time of year. But, it also provides us with an opportunity to enjoy its unique, ever changing beauty. - added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Thirteenth Lake from the boat launch looking south - added by Wanderer

Cascade of ice along the trail - added by Wanderer

Balm of Gilead Mt. across Thirteenth Lake - added by Wanderer

Another ice wall - melting as we walked by .... - added by Wanderer

.... same ice wall at the end of the day - quite a change - added by Wanderer

Trail junction - we will save Hour Pond for another day - added by Wanderer

Trailside view - added by Wanderer

Rock hopping - added by Wanderer

Wetland along the trail - added by Wanderer

Cliffs of Peaked Mountain - added by Wanderer

First destination - Peaked Mt. Pond - added by Wanderer

Packing up for the trek back out - (L to R) - Diane, Amy, Linda P. and Margie - added by Wanderer

Summiters - Amy, Kurt, Rich Z. and Rich E.(below) - added by Wanderer

Barton mines and the backside of Gore Mt. from Peaked Mt. - added by Wanderer

Peaked Mt. Pond and surrounding Mts. from Peaked Mt. - added by Wanderer

Looking west from Peaked Mt. with Snowy Mt. in view (center horizon) - added by Wanderer

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