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A Mine, Cook Mountain and Cookies ~ Dec 14, 2017

Journal entry by Sandy Powell

We couldn't have asked for a better day for a hike up Cook Mountain with 6" of powdery fresh snow, perfect for microspikes and the few diehard snowshoe folks. It was a balmy 15 to 20 degrees, minimal wind and brilliant sun without a cloud or jet trail in the sky. A crowd of 21 hikers plus a spectator to root us on showed up at the trailhead and off we went.

At our first stop, Bob, our fearless leader, gave a quick lecture on some area history, that Abercrombie with 10,000 British troops came up Lake George in July if 1758, camped near this site and attached Fort Carillon, lost the battle and retreated.

From there we began a steady climb through the lovely snow covered forest of hardwoods where we observed many animal tracks. The effort was well worth the two views. The first looked out over the ice covered northern end of Lake George, the village of Ticonderoga, Lake Champlain and the snow covered Green Mountains of Vermont. Due to the clear visibility it was easy to pick out Mount Mansfield to the north and Pico and Killington to the south. We hiked 1/4 mile past the viewless summit to enjoy lunch while taking in a spectacular southern view down the shimmering Lake George with Anthony's Nose in the foreground and Black Mountain and Sugar Loaf looming over Huellets Landing 15 miles down the lake. The mandatory headcount was taken and low and below we somehow added a head.... Glen arrive late to the trailhead and had caught up to us. A pleasant surprise. The return trip was quick and uneventful as folks were looking forward to the next part of the days adventures in Hague.

After a quick drive to the Powell's home, a part of the group, including our spectator, decided to get a head start on cookies, appetizers and drinks while the rest of the group did a short hike to a local lake overlook and then to some graphite mines. Surprisingly everyone that hiked to the mines decided to go into them and get the full experience despite the shortage of flashlights. Everyone regrouped back at the Powell's to enjoy cookies and cheer along with some mice and demonstrations of cherry stem knot tying.

12/16/17 - Diane Wisell added 1 photo. 12/20/17 - Wanderer . added 11 photos.

19 photos

At the trailhead from left to right: Bob, Rich, Bob, Katie, Peter, Diane, Lynn, Scott, Barbara, Jeff, Linda, Mary, Dan, Linda, Rich, John, Kurt, Steve, Jane and Tim. Sandy is behind the camera, Louise is moving the car and Glen arrived late. - added by Sandy

The climb begins. - added by Sandy

Photo added by Sandy

Lake view and lunch spot! - added by Sandy

Beach blight?

Rich and Tim deep in discussion

Christmas Mice Invasion

A poof of meringue on a bed of leaves. - added by Diane

Re-group before the climb - added by Wanderer

Let's stop so we can freeze - added by Wanderer

Barbara in the lead - she loves steep sections - added by Wanderer

Vermont View Overlook - northern end of Lake George (bottom); southern end of Lake Champlain (center); Vermont mountains on the horizon - added by Wanderer

View of Mount Defiance - added by Wanderer

It's lunchtime and it's sunny! - added by Wanderer

View from the overlook near Sandy's and Bob's house - Spruce Mt.(L), Sugarloaf Mt.(C) and Black Mt.(R) - added by Wanderer

Ice stalagmites in the mine - added by Wanderer

Could these be ghosts of miners past? - added by Wanderer

Safe at last - added by Wanderer

Who's Dan gonna call? Ghostbusters of course! (I know, I know - bad joke) - added by Wanderer

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