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Bromley Mountain Hike ~ May 17, 2018

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

The Canes had not been to Bromley since Les Shaw's 1987 outing 31 years ago so memories of that day may have faded just a little for some of us but for twenty four, this week's outing yielded lots of VERY good ones.

The saying that "getting there is half the fun" proved true on this outing as fun with "missing" gear began at the Granville pit stop with a perfectly targeted prank leaving Kurt pondering the joy of hiking Bromley wearing one boot and a worn out Croc. Soon enough though we completed our scenic drive through some of Vermont's loveliest country side, arriving at the trail head with high anticipation.....and all of our gear.

Soon after leaving the trail head, we diverted on a short bush whack (aka wild goose chase) to see a series of waterfalls that pretty a week ago were now almost as much fun to watch as a blank movie screen with a hole in it. Fortunately, the bush whack led us through an area with Wake Robin (aka Stinking Benjamin) Trillium, Painted Trillium, Trout Lilly and Witch Hobble all blooming and abundant. Small consolation for an otherwise, well, USELESS bush whack. Back on the easily navigated trail, a section of the combined Appalachian and Long Trails, we were well entertained by the myriad shades of spring green, the scent of spring, interesting geology and of course an occasional wee bit of conversation mixed in with forest sounds.

Just below Bromley's summit the very open forest floor was blanketed with blooming Trout Lilly and there is a nice viewpoint marked with a sign proclaiming "VISTA" to the right. It's is a nice one, whetting anticipation for what may be ahead at the summit where the views do not disappoint and where there is plenty of grassy area for whatever one may have in mind to see or do even on a day with some overcast and haze. Set roughly half way between New York and New Hampshire, Canada and Massachusetts, Bromley is a point from which there are lots of things to see both nearby and far away. You'll need to bring a suitcase full of maps to find it all. Or make it simple by bringing someone along with Peak Finder on their phone. Just watch out that your boot doesn't disappear again or that the other half of a certain Dynamic Duo doesn't come up with the last snow ball of the season!

A VERY special highlight, anticipated but unsure it would happen, was that upon arriving at the summit we found Pat, accompanied by Joanne and heard Joanne's distinctive "Howdy!" float down to greet us. Welcome back, Joanne!

Our stroll back to the trail head was a warm one and again we heard the tune of Mr. Mackey's axe clearing wind fall. What Steve didn't know at the time was that another result of his effort would be exultation on the part of a Green Mountain Club trail crew member we met in the parking lot who, suiting up to "go clean up a bunch of wind falls," found out that it was all done. He all but did a jig!

7 photos

Another fun day in the woods with the best of company, including (in the picture) Ray, Linda, Scott, Fran, Steve, Jack & Lenore, Barb & Bob, Denis, Shelly, Lynn, Jo Ellen, Mike, Margie, Peter, me and Betty & Howard Reynolds (my Mom & Dad who met us at the trail head but took off quickly when they found out how short our hike would be!); not pictured, Kurt, who I assigned to take the photo, Claire & Kirk who arrived a few minutes later and Pat & Joanne who hiked to the summit from another trail head.

A post & beam shelter about half way up the mountain. Great spot!

Peter took this aerial photo of the 3 mile Bromley Glacier with the new drone his kids bought him. It's noisy flies around like a mosquito and is almost as annoying as he is. Oops! This isn't a glacier, just a rock!

Lots of quartz in all colors!

Dutchman's Breeches. Lots of these at lower elevation along the trail.

It's a fashion trend. Don't get caught being any old rock unless you've got some quartz to show off!

Warning of stinging creatures or a directional sign?

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