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Blue Ledges Hike ~ Jul 12, 2018

Journal entry by Joanne Armstrong for Leader Bonnie Whitman

Sunny, blue skies, light breezes, low humidity and 77 degrees in the Adirondacks …. It shouldn’t be hard to find a few people interested in hiking to a beautiful spot on a river with high cliffs, water warm enough to swim in, and plenty of river rocks to eat lunch on, chat, sleep and watch the rafters floating by.  It wasn’t hard to find 28 “hardy” souls to make the 5 mile roundtrip trek to Blue Ledges which Canes haven’t done in a number of years (summer 2015 and winter 2013?).

The gentle up/down, easily navigated trail is well traveled with many exposed roots, (we passed individuals as well as young camping groups with guides) and was easily navigated by our intrepid group.   We lingered at the river and departed for the return about 2:15.  Great summer day!

7/13/18 - Bonnie Whitman added 1 photo. 7/13/18 - Lenore Reber added 1 photo. 7/13/18 - Bonnie Whitman added 4 photos.

7/17/18 - Wanderer . added 14 photos.

19 photos

Don, Linda, Sam, Scott, Denis, Ed, Gail, Shelly, Linda Frees, Jack, Judy, Lori, Lenore, Bonnie, Jack (Reber’s grandson), Licia, Peggy, Glenn, Sandy M, Mery, Jonathan, Mary, Jim (newcomer), Steve, Joanne, Jim D, Candy, Peter - added by Bonnie

What a beautiful place for lunch and a swim. - added by Bonnie

Jack is enjoying the water. - added by Bonnie

And of course Lenore. - added by Bonnie

Looks like Scott took a dive also. - added by Bonnie

Sam at the trailhead - added by Wanderer

Huntley Pond from near the trailhead – Glenn and his friend Jim paddled it after the hike! - added by Wanderer

Our welcoming party at the river - added by Wanderer

View of Blue Ledge from our lunch spot - added by Wanderer

View of the rapids just upstream from our lunch spot - added by Wanderer

Another swimming hole – this is the view seen by paddlers just before making the sweeping turn to where they typically take a break for lunch - added by Wanderer

Candy and Linda in the water with Mery & Steve looking on …. - added by Wanderer

… preparing to be invaded by the next flotilla of rafters! - added by Wanderer

Not a bad location for lunch - added by Wanderer

Ok – let’s go! - added by Wanderer

I think a new sign is needed - added by Wanderer

The sweep group – Jim, Linda, Candy and Denis - added by Wanderer

The “Gate” – Denis thought I meant the Pearly Gates and he was going to be allowed entry. My name might be Peter but I am no saint! - added by Wanderer

Not sure what type of flower it is but I only noticed the spider after seeing the pic – let me know the name of the flower if you know it – and the spider too. - added by Wanderer

Viewing 42 of 43 - 2018


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