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Moreau Lake State Park Crooked Canes Reunion/Picnic and More! ~ Sep 13, 2018

Journal entry by Event committee

Moreau Lake and Mud Pond Hike   Bonnie and Don

With 23 joining in our trip around the lake and Mud Pond we had alot of visiting and catching up with fellow Caners, some regular and some new members.  I'm usually one for taking way too many photos but unfortunately chatting so much i neglected to take a group shot. 

I think it's safe to say that everyone had a wonderful time.

A big thanks to Peter and Margie for all their hard work!!


Moreau Lake Paddle  Kurt

I'm the sweep on writing accounts of our great day at Moreau where Dale, Daryl, Jim, Etta, Barbara, Bob, Linda, Jayne, Jo Ellen and Doris accompanied me on a circumnavigation of Moreau Lake. I think they came mostly to assure I'd not get lost on my first Moreau Lake paddle! It was the perfect day for such a paddle and we took advantage of exploring every nook and cranny - some of us making two laps around the lake just to be sure nothing was missed the first time around. It was, as was the rest of the day, a most enjoyable event with friends old and new and some we were thrilled could join us after being missed for a while. Thank you all for taking me under your wing!

Moreau Area Bike  Ken

10 riders for the 15 mile biking portion of Thursday's event at Moreau State Park. All met at the pavilion near the Moreau Lake beach for a  picnic... a great spread for lunch, and lots of old friends and new. Thanks CCs and hope we do this again.


Crooked Canes Picnic/Reunion  Margie

"We all love being outdoors, exercising and socializing at the same time," said Edythe Bennett. "Staying indoors is for old people." -2001

These words from a former long-time Crooked Canes attendee, leader and outdoor enthusiast summed up the feelings at our lively gathering at Moreau Lake State Park for our annual picnic. The day began a bit ominously for organizers with a misty drizzle, soon transforming with promising patches of blue sky, then improving to pleasant warmth and sun as the day progressed. Many arrived in the morning to join one of the 3 planned outings, to paddle, hike or bike, kindly led by Kurt, Don and Bonnie and Ken.

As noon approached, the large Fernwood Pavilion began to fill with so many friends, old and new, with hugs and endless conversation, smiles and laughter. The archives table, with memorable photos, stories and mementos of the Crooked Cane history attracted constant visitors throughout the day. Thoughts of those who have enjoyed the group in former days were recalled.  Talk turned to those unable to be with us this day due to work or travel or other circumstances, keeping them close in our minds. Tom Gibbs, delegated keeper of attendance, proclaimed the group numbered over 70!! (even before the last of the arrivals.) Some we had not welcomed for some time included Maryanne, Trudy, Eleanor, Claudia, Doris, Etta, Peter W,  Nancy K. and bionic Barbara, among many others. A few newcomers rounded out the group, among them the warmly smiling Payton, accompanied by proud grandparents, Kurt and Diane. Dean and Joan, and Lise joined the fun, to get acquainted a bit with the Canes. E-Z Riders brought enthusiasm and appetites, following their ride. So many people there- you were all welcome!!

The tables filled with offerings of food of endless variety and appeal along with the burgers and hot dogs so carefully tended by Peter, Jack and Peter W. The space filled with joyous chatter, catching up on events and plans, recalled memories, and news of family doings. Time flew by until, one by one, people said their goodbyes, leaving the final few to savor thoughts of a remarkable event with so many wonderful folks. There was mention of a likely repeat next year, same location, to celebrate 35 years of Crooked Canes outdoor enjoyment and comradery.

9/14/18 - Ken Gericke added 1 photo.

9/18/18 - Wanderer . added 24 photos.

26 photos

Getting set for our bike ride at MSP...Jim I, Deb, Jim M, Joan, Glen, Carolyn, John and Fred....missing from pic Clem and Ken - added by Ken

All were intently engaged in socializing and sampling the yummy fare! -added by Margie

Diane with her granddaughter Payton, visiting from Maine. She is holding her new friend “Peter” the monkey. - added by Wanderer

The “grill tenders” Jack and Peter W with Karen waiting to fill the buns – good job! - added by Wanderer

The pavilion was a busy place with people getting their food and changing places all the time …. - added by Wanderer

…. or standing in the grill line for a hot dog or hamburger …. - added by Wanderer

…. finally, it is sit-down time and a chance to eat! - added by Wanderer

A happy table (clockwise) Louise, John, Linda P, Daryl, Jim and Ruth (caught her off guard) - added by Wanderer

Kurt going back for fourth’s – Maryanne leaving to protect her plate from him - added by Wanderer

Diane and Kurt’s granddaughter Payton – our youngest Cane! - added by Wanderer

(clockwise) Nancy, Licia, Edna and Neal - added by Wanderer

Tim and Diane - added by Wanderer

No room in the pavilion – Mary visiting with Larry (L), some ezRiders at the table (see next picture) and Pete W – Welcome back Pete! - added by Wanderer

Some of the ezRider guests – Deb, Jim M, Ken, John - added by Wanderer

Still going strong – just another view - added by Wanderer

Couldn’t get everybody in the pic - just another view - added by Wanderer

Margie talking to Jayne and Etta while they check out the goodies; Carolyn in red - added by Wanderer

It sure was a nice day Tom! - added by Wanderer

…. and here’s Nancy! Glad to see you back with us. - added by Wanderer

Don, Pat and Claudia - added by Wanderer

Leon, Karen, Linda P - added by Wanderer

Barbara, Judy and Jonathan - added by Wanderer

Trudy – great to see you! - added by Wanderer

Joanne, Lynn and Dave - added by Wanderer

Jim and Clem – thanks for the Perrier water Jim! - added by Wanderer

Doris – until next year !!!!!!!! - added by Wanderer

A huge “Thank You” to all those that brought food or beverages to the picnic to be shared.  There was such a variety of all types of foods for all types of appetites.  It was quite the smorgasbord!

For inquiring minds – we collected enough money to cover all expenses plus had a little left over which will be contributed to the website maintenance fund. 

***One note: To the owner of a purple covered bowl that held delicious cole slaw- you may retrieve the dish from Margie.

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