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A-Team Hike Moreau Lake State Park ~ Dec 27, 2018

Journal entry by Don H McMahon

We, Annie, Bonnie, Suzette, Nancy, Donna & Peter, Denis, Tom, Sam, and Don met at the entrance parking lot and managed to compress down into two cars to travel to the height of land on Spier Falls Rd. and park in front of the chain blocking the entrance road. In spite of starting at the high point of the road, the trail had many up sections, most at the beginning, with level sections that allow one to catch up one's breath. It is a pretty trail that traverses the side of the mountain with views of the flats to the east and up to the top of the ridge at the west. Presently you see views of a gorge with a brook that rises so that eventually the trail crosses the brook as you approach the height of land.  When we arrived at the lookout over Moreau Lake, the decision was made to delay lunch and to proceded down the blue and red trails to the warming hut. Lunch was late - 1:30 pm. After lunch we had only a short walk to the entrance parking lot where there were more than enough cars to get drivers back to the trail head. Memorable events - Bonnie lost one microspike, found afterwards near the green trail parking lot - and Donna got one microspike caught in her other shoe, which had to be cut out with a knife.

12/28/18 - Suzi Usher added 6 photos. 12/28/18 - Bonnie Whitman added 3 photos.

10 photos

Nancy at overlook - added by Suzi

A-Team making a cautious way down the trail. - added by Suzi

An easier trek. - added by Suzi

Trail has its ups and downs. - added by Suzi

One of several stream crossings. We didn't lose anybody. - added by Suzi

GULP! - added by Suzi

Our gang. - added by Bonnie

Our findings - added by Bonnie

What better place to have lunch but in a heated cabin..... - added by Bonnie

After lunch in the warming hut. - added by Suzette

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