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Peaked Mountain Pond ~ Mar 15, 2018

Journal entry by Scott Anderson

Nine CC’s made it to the trailhead and we started our 6 mile RT hike.  Of the nine, seven had planned to summit Peaked Mountain.  But, after breaking trail for 3 miles, sentiment had changed regarding the icy, windy and steep climb (excepting Steve, of course) and an immediate return was decided on.  The high point of the hike might have been at lunch (we were hunkered down in a sheltered hemlock grove) when a huge dollop of snow fell on Kurt from above.  After lunch we headed back, thankfully with the trail well packed (for the weekend hikers) and downhill (most of the way).  Surprisingly, we all made it back!  Special recognition is given to Peter Wood for outstanding fortitude in the face of adversity.  Congratulations to everyone participating, you have lived to hike another day! 

3/20/18 - Wanderer . added 15 photos.

22 photos

From left to right: Lori, Peter F, Steve, Kurt, Dan, Ed, Donna and Peter W.

The trail being broken.

Taking a breather.

Ed waiting for Peter to fall through the ice.

Peter gazing at the object of our desire.

Dropping down unto 13th Lake where Steve & Co. had broken some trail along the lake.

Coming back on the frozen lake.

View of Balm of Gilead Mtn. across 13th Lake – a little cloudy when the picture was taken - added by Wanderer

Garnet Hill Lodge perched on a hill overlooking 13th Lake - added by Wanderer

Dan, waiting for Kurt to cross the snow/ice bridge says – “Go on Kurt, it will hold you” - as he smirks in anticipation of a Kodak moment - added by Wanderer

View upstream on Peaked Mtn. Brook – ice shelves covered with a new thick blanket of snow - added by Wanderer

Kurt taking in the view - added by Wanderer

One of at least three wetlands alongside the trail - added by Wanderer

First glimpse of Peaked Mtn. - added by Wanderer

A good view of Peaked Mtn. at one of the wetlands - added by Wanderer

Peaked Mtn. Pond – lots of winter remaining - added by Wanderer

One of many glacial erratics found alongside the upper trail - added by Wanderer

Peter & Donna and Scott - added by Wanderer

Ice bells clinging to life after the recent thaw - added by Wanderer

Scott – King of the Hill - added by Wanderer

Ice wall along the shore of 13th Lake - added by Wanderer

“Rondack Ray” tweaking his pack for a presentation scheduled later on that evening to a local hiking club. Ray really wanted to go on this hike but he said that he had to practice for his first presentation on packing for a day hike, in his new three-part series entitled “How to pack for an outing so that you don’t feel like you left anything home!” Here he can be seen placing final touches on his day pack (reminds me of placing the topper on a Christmas tree). His second and third parts follow along the same lines with packing a canoe/kayak the topic of his second presentation and how to pack your panniers for an enjoyable bicycle ride on his third and final presentation. All three presentations are very popular and always fill up early but if you check with his agent he may tell you when another is scheduled – his name is Junior – call BR-549. - added by Wanderer

Viewing 14 of 15 - 2018


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