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Owl's Head Fire Tower ~ Nov 6, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

The weather for our last required fire tower hike was spectacular. Five other CCs joined our hike. The air was crisp and clear and the trail leaves dusted with frost and snow as we hiked the steady uphill trail. We enjoyed open woods, muffins, and conversation until we reached the steep ascent of what we thought was Owl’s Head. When we reached a col, we realized the trail continued down the other side and then steeply up the real Owl’s Head. We were in such disbelief that we carried our microspikes in our packs while gingerly scrabbling over bare rock, ice ribbons and frosty leaves. We stopped for a trick photo at the old cabin pilings. The summit and fire tower views were spectacular, including the snow covered high peaks from the south west, which briefly challenged Peter’s identification, and the many bodies of water, which we gave up trying to identify. The warm sun and still air made lunch so delightful we didn’t want to leave, but awareness of EST prevailed. Peter surprised us with a presentation of the Fire Tower Patches, which he had acquired by convincing ADK that the proper paperwork would soon be mailed. Microspikes made the way down much safer and our observation of many huge burls and gigantic, moss covered boulders made it seem like a new hike. We celebrated again at Stewart’s in Long Lake and and discussed ice terminology on the way home. Ray’s research indicates that ‘ice needles‘ is the term for the slender, curved ice fingers sticking up from frozen mud. Lenore’s dictionary (WEBSTER’S New Twentieth Century, 1904, 1975) says that rime is a white, icy coating formed on grass, leaves, etc. from atmospheric moisture, also called hoarfrost, which is also defined as white frozen dew on the ground, leaves etc. We were happy to have northerners Barbara and Karen join Jim, Ray and Peter and ourselves for this special day.

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The view from the tower. Can anyone identify this mountain with the winding trail?

It's really pretty over there.

Frosty trees and still water

We couldn't resist stopping to photograph this view from Route 30 in Long Lake.

Signing In - by Wanderer

Break Time Already? - by Wanderer

Anyone Want to Play "Whac-A-Hiker?" - by Wanderer

From The Crooked Canes Calendar - Mrs. November (Karen Burka) - by Wanderer

Fire Tower Patch - They Earned It! - by Wanderer

Being Silly, As Usual - by Wanderer

Adirondack Panorama - by Wanderer

Hamlet of Long Lake and Beyond - by Wanderer

Isn't That Sweet - by Wanderer

Lunch In the Sun - by Wanderer

Happy Hikers - by Wanderer

Pretty Place to Stop - by Wanderer

After consulting with Peter we seem to agree that Haystack is on the extreme right of the picture followed by Marcy and Santanoni. The later appears solo in a previous picture with what appears to be a very wide stream bed coming off its south side.-Photo by Ray

Is the rock supporting the tree or is the tree holding the rock down so it doesn't roll away? Mother nature is amazing. - by Ray

After much debate and a bit of Googling I believe these ice formations, which are so common at this time of year, are called "Ice Needles" although "Ice Ribbons" seems to have been used by some to describe them too. Apparently they require flowing liquid water oozing from below, then freezing as it hits the air, to produce these unique ice formations. I would love to see this in slow motion photography. Try Googling "Frost Flowers" to see similar structures oozing out of the sides of certain plant stems. - by Ray

Barbara Blum, Karen Burka and Peter Fedorick admiring and old telephone pole that supported communication with the fire tower. One online site referred to the objects on the right and left as "Owl's Ears" even if they are a bit large. - by Ray

It turned into a "Winter Wonderland" as we approached the summit of Owl's Head. It's no wonder that Barbara, Karen and Peter are all smiles. - by Ray

Would anyone care to lick an icicle? It could be just tannins from up above but then again, you never know. - by Ray

A preview of what was to come. I'd like to say our pace quickened following this view but the terrain became steeper and ice coated. Nevertheless our hopes were high. - by Ray

That's Jim Ralston holding his hiking pole next to the burl to give a sense of size. It was "HUGE" to borrow an expression from a local car commercial. We had an interesting and lengthy discussion as to what it looked like, none of which shall be repeated here. You will just have to let your imagination go wild and form your own opinion. - by Ray

I know this picture is a bit of a repeat but I thought it was worth showing again for two reasons. First, this was taken just after Peter presented Lenore and Jack with their patches after completing the great "Fire Tower Challenge". And second, this was a great personal triumph for all 3 because, not only did Peter accompany/lead them up nearly every one of the mountains but he was able to use his charm, unbeknownst to the the lovely couple, to obtain the two patches before the requisite paperwork had been completed so they could be presented on this most auspicious occasion. And we all know how important paperwork is. I've always said that Peter is quite the charmer besides being Thrifty, Brave, Kind, Clean and Reverent. - by Ray

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