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Rogers Rock Hike ~ Oct 17, 2013

Journal entry by Don McMahon

If you remember the forecasts for the last few days – possible showers – and the weather cloudy and cool – Thursday was to be more of the same. But, wonder or all wonders, the day was sunny and warm. And with the fall color past peak in the mountains we could expect but a few leaves left on the trees. But, again to our surprise the color in the Roger's Rock area was still close to peak. For such a beautiful day the turn out was a mere 12 souls, the hardy bunch, ready to do battle at a remote place under less than ideal conditions! We started out mostly in T shirts, followed the roads (uphill) and managed without difficulty to find the well defined but unmarked trail to the west cliffs, and then the reasonably well marked “goat” trail up up to the top – a little tricky because of wet leaves. Once on the top we quickly found the southern outlooks and traveled along the edge from one outlook to another. Great views of Lake George and the nearby hills in full color! With a warm balmy sun, no one was in any hurry to do anything other than enjoy being there. Eventually we continued on to the lunch spot on a rocky outcrop at the north eastern end of the mountain. Again spectacular views to the east with Cook mountain looming to the north and Lake George below. After a leisurely lunch we started back bushwhacking a lalf mile through the woods using a GPS heading toward a waypoint where the descent should be more gradual. And generally it was so. A short level walk then returned us back to the bottom of the cliffs and to the trail out. Some of us considered it to be the best hike of the year – at least one marked it on the top of her “not to go there again” list (because of tricky climb). In any case a great day to be alive and enjoy being there.

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Roger's Raiders - 2013 Version - added by Wanderer

Don leading the way - sort of. - added by Wanderer

Tom and Don discussing the proper route to take. - added by Wanderer

Moss Blanketed Rock - added by Wanderer

One of the Flat Sections - added by Wanderer

OK - Now we are on the real trail. - added by Wanderer

Wall of Rock Tripe - added by Wanderer

Rest Stop - Nearly Level - added by Wanderer

Still Lots of Color - added by Wanderer

Petrified Dinosaur Egg - added by Wanderer

Lake George - Looking South - added by Wanderer

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Cook Mountain - added by Wanderer

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Balanced Rock - added by Wanderer

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Joanne, you didn't bring us any of that Ice Cream you studied to make! We could have used it after that upward scramble. - added by Margie

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