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Hopkins Mountain via Mossy Cascade Brook ~ Oct 28, 2014

Journal entry by Karen Burka

Tuesday, 5:00 AM -- But it wasn't supposed to rain! 7:00 AM call to Peter -- "Peter, it's raining!" 7:20 AM call to Kurt -- "Kurt, it's raining!" After MUCH deliberation and close monitoring of the weather by Peter and Kurt, a decision was made to delay our departure for Keene Valley by a half hour. That, along with a stop at the Keene Valley Hardware store for last-minute "rain attire," got us to the trailhead just as it stopped raining. The first section of the trail through a hemlock forest and along Mossy Cascade Brook was beautiful. The brook, with its several waterfalls, was flowing very nicely (yes, the rain was good for something). With the leaves off the trees, there were many sections where the forest was very open. Although it felt a little chilly at the start, we warmed up quickly as we climbed and several stops were made to "de-layer." (Who was that off to the side of the trail taking off their long underwear???) We got our first view of some of the High Peaks at the first lookout, but were more excited to see a round, bright thing in the sky than the great view of Sawteeth! With a little more than halfway to go, we had a quick snack and continued on our journey. We came to the intersection with the Ranney Trail with .9 miles to go. There is quite a bit of climbing on this hike, and we were happy to see the .2 mile sign. Coming out of the woods to the large open rocky summit of Hopkins with its view of many of the High Peaks is quite an experience. Although not a "blue sky" day, the silhouettes of the mountains had their own beauty. We found a spot to enjoy lunch and relax for a while before heading back. On the way down, it seemed like it kept getting warmer and the temperature went well into the 60's. It was just as wonderful going back through the hardwood and hemlock forests and along the brook as it was on the ascent. Thank you to the six CC's who joined me on this very special hike -- Peter, Kurt & Diane, Denis, Claire and Gretchen. I'm glad we were able to do it! 11/1/14 - Diane Wisell added 12 photos. 11/3/14 - Wanderer . added 8 photos.

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Mossy Cascade with foliage - added by Diane

Balanced erratic. - added by Diane

Same erratic, ready for Halloween. - added by Diane

Does this say Colvin was here? - added by Diane

At the summit of Hopkins - added by Diane

Claire documents what Denis said was his longest hike. Congratulations Denis! - added by Diane

It's Peter's turn in the barrel! Karen recites the names of 100 peaks, hills, streams, roads and plant species for him to memorize. - added by Diane

Diane enjoying her day. - added by Diane

Since Ray couldn't make it, these are for you Ray! - added by Diane

Photo added by Diane

Photo added by Diane

Photo added by Diane

Cool but dry start - added by Wanderer

Mossy Cascade Brook - added by Wanderer

Arriving at the top - added by Wanderer

Group having fun - Hi Tom! - added by Wanderer

Giant Mt. - added by Wanderer

Silhouette of the High Peaks - added by Wanderer

Denis has arrived - added by Wanderer

Ausable Lakes Valley - added by Wanderer

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