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Berrymill Pond Hike ~ Nov 17, 2016

Journal entry by Karen Burka

21 CC's set out on a balmy November day for a walk in the woods to Berrymill Pond in the Pharaoh Lakes Wilderness Area. Although a popular hunting area, we only heard about 3-4 gunshots near the beginning of our hike. Of course, a line of 21 socializing and day-glow orange-wearing hikers probably motivated any serious hunter to try a different area yesterday. The old-growth forest changed a few times from hardwood trees to pine trees, and the smell of leaves and balsam was wonderful. A couple CC's competed in the "Let's Try Crossing This Stream on the Slanted Bridge" competition. (I have to say that Kurt handled it with more grace than me!)

Berrymill Pond is a gem, and we enjoyed lunch either on top of the large boulder at water's edge or at the newly-built lean to. A nice little waterfall provided some background "music" while we ate. There were reports that we were there long enough for Diane and Fran to finish their thermos' of tea. A pleasant walk brought us back to our cars, and many happy hikers then joined Bob and Sandy at their nearby home for refreshments and a short hike to see views of Lake George.

Thank you all -- Barbara 1, Barbara 2, Bonnie, Ed, Fran, Gail, Jo-Ellen, Linda P., Margie, Mike, Rich 1, Rich 2, Scott, Shelly, Bob & Sandy, Kurt & Diane, Peter & Linda 

11/18/16 - Diane Wisell added 7 photos.

11/19/16 - Margie Litwin added 1 photo. 11/20/16 - Wanderer . added 12 photos.

25 photos

Look out Berrymill. Here we come!

Not sure which one is cuter.

We're not going on that bridge! Did you see what just happened to our leader?

New lean-to built this year. The old lean-to has been removed. (Boy, have I got a story for you!)

Serene Berrymill Pond

Wintergreen berries were ABUNDANT often with 4 or 5 berries to a stalk, like this one. - added by Diane

Spun around twice, these Canes aren't sure which way is up any more! - added by Diane

Awwww, the poor thing, lonely and aching for company........... - added by Diane

.....will soon enough get attention! - added by Diane

Bonnie wins today's award for the most leaves accumulated on two poles in two hours. - added by Diane

Some kind of fungi growing from the ground to the sky. - added by Diane

Leftovers from a very tasty lunch. - added by Diane

Whose feet climbed these steps in years past near the trail? - added by Margie

First break - what a colorful group - added by Wanderer

Rich in the lead for the time being - added by Wanderer

Bonnie in the process of setting the leaf collecting record - added by Wanderer

One of the wetlands along the trail - added by Wanderer

Chat time of course - added by Wanderer

This wetland was nestled in a blanket of dead grass - ready for winter - added by Wanderer

Danger! Danger! - added by Wanderer

Our leader - leading! - added by Wanderer

Cascade at the outlet to Berrymill Pond - added by Wanderer

What can I say - no explanation needed. Sandy, Linda, Bob, Jo-Ellen and Duck-Man - added by Wanderer

Tom is right - trail markers kill trees - added by Wanderer

Getting dark at the overlook a little ways from Sandy and Bob's home in Hague. Looking south towards Huletts - Spruce Mt (L), Sugarloaf Mt (C), Black Mt (R) in the clouds (Please correct me if I am wrong) - added by Wanderer

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