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Corinth Reservoir Hike at Corinth Cooperator Area ~ Oct 19, 2017

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber for Don McMahan

The A-Team hiked on an A+ day in an A+ woods. Great choice Bonnie, Don and Tom! We blithely hiked up the old roads, enjoying the woods roads and stone walls until we met a musket hunter waiting for deer to be herded toward him. He warned us of the danger but we decided to proceed while making sufficient noise, not a difficult task for the Canes. Arriving at the overlook we knew we had made the right decision. Clear air, colorful trees and a view across the Hudson River valley all the way to Equinox Mountain made a perfect lunch spot. And the appearance of two young men from the south who said they had never seen such colors made us appreciate the day and place even more.

We headed back down and took a turn toward the Beaver trail, walking between stone walls, on stone paths and along a half mile 50+' escarpment. We passed an old beaver dam and then up to the beaver pond, nestled in a bowl near the top of the mountain. Two lodges and the longest dam we had ever seen graced the shimmering, red leaf dappled water. Then we hiked the long path down to the last surprise, a lovely reservoir with sturdy bridge and dam. Rich and Barbara, Lenore and Jack, Ron, Mary, Margi and Lynn were amazed at the natural beauty that Corinth offered and thanked our leaders for such a trreat before Halloween.

10/20/17 - Ron Whitford added 4 photos.

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Beginning or end?

Happy and hungry

Bonnie and Tom having a leaders conference with Don already down the trail.

Canes cube, apart and together.

Foliage still green lower down

A welcome break while enjoying the woods

Another lovely trail

Who built these rock-paved trails?

Jack tries to swing from a huge grapevine.

The escarpment

Guess where this trail goes?

Sunlit beaver lodge

Mary at the beginning of the very long beaver dam.

Ghost fern frond

Last stop, the reservoir

A view of the trail. - added by Ron

The beaver pond. - added by Ron

Beaver pond - added by Ron

The view towards Corinth - added by Ron

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