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Sleeping Beauty ~ Oct 10, 2013

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

Sleeping Beauty called and 28 Canes answered, and they were happy they did! Jack began our hike with a brief history of Dacy Clearing, and then we were off. The cool and cloudy day became warm and partly sunny as we climbed the mountain, admiring the colors and talking with friends. Gasps of amazement at the blue sky, sparkling lake and hazy mountains accompanied our arrival at the top. We spread out on the bald summit to enjoy our lunch, each of us finding just the perfect perch and view. Many would have stayed the whole afternoon, but Lenoreís teacher voice soon disturbed the friendly murmur and we started back, down the wrong trail! Don came to the rescue, and we were off, hiking along the ridge and then down the other side of the mountain. We stopped briefly at tranquil Bumpís Pond to admire the old ruined chimney. Picking our way down the rocky old road, we met many hikers loaded with equipment for an overnight stay. We arrived back, thankful for such a lovely day and looking forward to our next adventure.

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Off we go - added by Lenore

At the top - added by Lenore

Photo added by Lenore

Photo added by Lenore

Photo added by Lenore

On the bridge before Bump's Pond - added by Lenore

Almost done - added by Lenore

Peter up on the true summit for a photo of the lunch group. - added by Margie

3-toothed cinquefoil at the top (right, Ray?) - added by Margie

I see Lenore in the shadows snapping a shot of the gang on the bridge. - added by Margie

Peaceful Bump's Pond. - added by Margie

Destinations - added by Wanderer

Jack Says Go - added by Wanderer

Along the Trail - added by Wanderer

Unusual Trail - added by Wanderer

Lunch Overlook - added by Wanderer

Sagamore with Cat and Thomas Mts Ridge in Background - added by Wanderer

Donna and Linda - added by Wanderer

Time to Visit - added by Wanderer

So You Want Color - added by Wanderer

Bumps Pond - added by Wanderer

Island Reflection - added by Wanderer

Jack and the Crew - added by Wanderer

On the Trail 1 - added by Wanderer

On the Trail 2 - added by Wanderer

Part of the Carriage Road and Trail - added by Wanderer

Trailside Guardian - added by Wanderer

Erratic - added by Wanderer

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