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Tirrell Pond Thru Hike ~ Nov 5, 2015

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Can you believe that on November fifth the Canes hiked in T-shirts; one waded in Tirrell Pond, one lost his boots in a quagmire, and one turned into a bear? The proof us in the photos! After dropping off cars at the Northville/Placid Trailhead on 28, seventeen of us started hiking toward Tirrell Pond from the Blue Mountain trailhead parking lot. The trail was covered with brown leaves, which during the third mile hid rocks and mud while going downhill to the pond. Soon after joining the NPT, we passed a lean-to and reached the pond. After singing Happy Birthday to Ed, we lunched at the northern end on a sandy beach with peaceful views down the lake with the dramatic cliffs of Tirrell Mountain on our left. The sky had turned from sunny to cloudy with a chance of rain, so we headed south along the lake to the intersection with the short trail to the O’Neil lean-to, which we by-passed since we wanted to be out of the woods by dark. Time did not prevent some of us from taking photos of many varied fungi. This section of the trail was quite level, but the many stream crossings kept us challenged. The sun came out and we were all unprepared for the 66 degree temperature in these northern climes. We all said it was a delightful 8 mile walk in the woods and were happy to welcome Rich to our group and see the return of Bob, Judy and Shelly.

11/7/15 - Lenore Reber added 26 photos.

11/7/15 - Diane Wisell added 8 photos.

11/8/15 - RayB Bouchard added 3 photos.

36 photos

Trailhead - added by Lenore

Kurt - added by Lenore

Bear - added by Lenore

Hope there are no pointy limbs - added by Lenore

Whew! - added by Lenore

A crunchy, fragrant brown carpet - added by Lenore

Conversations - added by Lenore

Easy crossing - added by Lenore

Happy Birthday, Ed - added by Lenore

Side trip to the Caribbean! - added by Lenore

Tirrell Mountain - added by Lenore

Where are the last four? - added by Lenore

This is the hand... - added by Lenore

that pulled out the boot... - added by Lenore

that got stuck in the mud on the NPT - added by Lenore

All shod and ready to continue! - added by Lenore

fungus - added by Lenore

fungus on a root ball - added by Lenore

Funny guys - added by Lenore

Our leader pointing out the bridge to O'Neil Flow lean-to - added by Lenore

A more difficult crossing - added by Lenore

A discovery - added by Lenore

Discovered-a U.S. Geological Benchmark - added by Lenore

Erratic but stable - added by Lenore

Final fungi (fortunately not on the bear tree) - added by Lenore

Lenore holding a cast she made of a bear footprint. That instant hardening plaster is AMAZING! - added by Diane

Some kinda pretty rubbery turkey tail thingys. - added by Diane

Married couple that dresses the same every day. - added by Diane

Married couple still very much in love after about a hundred years - and - who dress the same every day. - added by Diane

These poor things look like I feel some mornings! - added by Diane

Straight on view of Lenore's "Final Fungi" - added by Diane

Peter said he would be at his Nancy Lake project today but this chunk of skin from the Monster From The Black Lagoon suggests he was really skulking around Tirrell Pond! Gives me the Willies! - added by Diane

Tirrell Mountain and Pond. - added by Diane

Lunch is over. A brief rest before departing. - added by RayB

I learned the name of a new fungus, thanks to Kurt. It's call "Chaga" (Inonotus obliquus). It's found primarily on birch trees, with a preference for Yellow Birch. I have 3 Mushroom ID books and as common as it is I couldn't find it listed in any of them. Google the common name if you want to learn more about it. Kurt pointed it out to me during our recent Putnam Pond area hike and I spotted it several times on this hike. - added by RayB

Orange Jelly fungus. - added by RayB

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