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Pole Hill Pond ~ Nov 17, 2016

Journal entry by Nancy Kimball

On a lovely late Fall day ( i was going to say balmy but didn't want to be called a copycat )  fourteen caners "poled" their way to Pole Hill pond in the Northwest Bay area of the forest preserve.  We set a leisurely pace through mixed hardwood and conifers enhanced by a meandering stream where Dale pointed out old claw marks on a beech tree made by a bear at some point in time.

We had lunch at the pond where we appreciated the scenery,  the serenity and noted that the resident beavers had built a Marriot style lodge.   Although some of the hiker were inclined to roam off the marked route, we finished the hike we the same number as when we started.   Always a good sign!!

Alas no post-hike refreshments today.   The A-team will have to up the ante for the next event.

Hikers:  Don, Tom, Lenore and Jack, Eric, Bob, Ray, Joy and Mark, Kirk, Dale, Claire, Liz,  Nancy

11/18/16 - Joy Munro added 10 photos. 11/19/16 - Lenore Reber added 11 photos.

21 photos

Just off the parking area Lenore led the way to this interesting little culvert hidden in the woods. - added by Joy

The trail climbed right from the start over a trail littered with leaves that were hiding lots of ankle-twisting rocks.. - added by Joy

And fallen trees... - added by Joy

Photo added by Joy

Lenore found this really interesting log that had turned green and was growing its own little forest...we had no idea what they were, but Margie and Peter sent me information on them--it is called Green Algae Coral (multiclavula mucida) and Peter provided this link for more info: ... - added by Joy

This little guy kindly waited for me to take his picture... - added by Joy

The beaver lodge at the beginning of Pole Hill Pond.. - added by Joy

A view down the pond... - added by Joy

The bear tree; this was just one of several sets of bear claw marks... - added by Joy

The sun invited us down a side trail on the way home. We decided to save it for another day. - added by Joy

Ready to "pole" - added by Lenore

Up. Up. Up. - added by Lenore

Kirk cleaning up the path - added by Lenore

Palm tree? - added by Lenore

Jack treading the barricade. - added by Lenore

Streams are no obstacle for Mark. - added by Lenore

Cascade - added by Lenore

The leader speaks - added by Lenore

Trail for "tired" hikers - added by Lenore

Lunch reflections - added by Lenore

Back to the cars along a gurgling stream - added by Lenore

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