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Huckleberry Point ~ Jun 16, 2011

Journal entry by Fran Herve

With promises of only scattered thunderstorms and comfortable temperatures, eight friends met at the Malta Park & Ride. We arrived in Saugerties and after reassembling at a conveniently placed gas station we drove the last 6 miles through pleasant villages, narrow and steep country roads. The large trailhead parking allowed us to leisurely prepare ourselves. We walked uphill through a dense hemlock forest over a deeply eroded old quarry road, within audible range of Mossy Creek, lying downhill to the east. We were delighted to see the trail level and continued through an area of hardwood with signs of early settlement: stone piles, walls and an old foundation. Some of the Crooked Canes who know about my stone obsession imagined that someone else is in the middle of transporting tons of Bluestone for their garden.

After a short while the trail dropped downhill and we crossed beautiful Mossy Brook. We began to notice mountain laurel along the trail. Too bad it will be another week before they bloom. A little further we came upon a little hill covered with pitch pines and discovered interesting boulders. Then as it was getting brighter we began to sense that we were getting closer to the point. The ledgy oak pine terrain opened up like a curtain onto the blueberry precipices of the Point bordered by blooming mountain laurel. We arrived at the ledges and everyone looked for the best seat
before unpacking their lunch. We admired the Devil's Path Mtns in the Indian Head Wilderness, Overlook Mtn with the fire tower, Plattekill Ridge, Twin Mtn, Sugarloaf and Plateau. The Hudson appeared as a shiny ribbon. However it was kind of a hazy day and mountains further into the horizon were more difficult to identify. Some of us had just enough time for a quick nap in the sun because we remembered that we wanted to avoid the rush hour traffic and strapped our backpacks on after taking a few pictures before the walk back to our cars.

Thank you Peter, Linda, Pat, Lenore, Jack, Don and Ann for another wonderful day with
the Crooked Canes.

10 photos

Lunch on the ledges

Twin, Sugarloaf, Plateau Mtns....

Boulders along the trail

Mountain laurel - by Fran

Group at Trailhead L to R: Ann, Don, Lenore, Jack, Pat, Linda and Fran - by Peter

Grove of Pitch Pine Near Ledges - by Peter

Pink Mountain Laurel - Just One More Week to Full Bloom - by Peter

Trailside Cascade - by Peter

The Dreaded Platte Clove Black Mamba - by Peter

View From The Ledges L to R: Overlook, Plattekill, Indian Head - by Peter

Viewing 9 of 21 - 2011


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