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Giant's Nubble and Roaring Brook Falls ~ Oct 3, 2013

Journal entry by Wanderer

I have been hiking quite a few years but do not recall too many days more beautiful than today's hike of Giant's Nubble and Roaring Brook Falls. Without a doubt the foliage was at peak and the blue skies just accented the colors. Add to the super weather a great group of people and you simply can't go wrong. Expectations of the fourteen hikers were high and Mother Nature did not disappoint. We began our hike from the Chapel Pond trailhead and quickly gained elevation on the steep and often rocky trail to our first rest stop where the removing of the first layers began. The canopy of the trees over the trail was stunning with mostly bright yellow, oranges and of course fiery reds, contrasted by the bright blue skies behind it. Visiting was ongoing as the slow pace allowed people to talk and hike at the same time. This was what I refer to as a "lingering" hike - one that is shorter than most that allows more than sufficient time to proceed at a leisurely pace and to linger at the overlooks. It wasn't too long before we reached our first overlook and views of Chapel Pond and the Great Range. A short distance further and we were at Giant Washbowl - a small, picturesque pond situated beneath a steep cliff. Crossing the outlet on an old log bridge and continuing upward, we reached the side trail to the Nubble. After more climbing, but at a more gradual rate, reached our destination and the panoramic, 360 degree view promised. We weren't the only visitors, but there is plenty of room to find a place to be comfortable on the long, somewhat narrow, ridge. It didn't matter which direction you looked - beautiful, colorful views abounded. There are always questions of what we were looking at - peaks, valleys etc. I did my best to answer the questions and hopefully everyone went away with a fond memory. We spent a very long time at the Nubble - remember this is a hike where lingering is encouraged - before it was time to say goodbye and head down on the Roaring Brook trail. Reaching the top of Roaring Brook Falls is awe-inspiring! Views from its tiny perch, with its near vertical face, is not seen by many from the top. Instead, thousands of pictures are taken each year of the waterfall from a roadside pull off on Rt 73 below. The view from the pull off wasn't always as picturesque - it wasn't until July 1963, after torrential rains on Giant caused the Washbowl to overflow - creating the mudslide that cleared the path on both sides of the falls as we see it today. With everyone accounted for, we gathered our packs and began the final descent and took the short path to the base of them. There was only a trickle of water flowing so we had to use our imagination of how they must look like in the spring - still a rewarding side trip. Thank you Diane and Kurt, Lenore and Jack, Claire, Bill, Don, Eric, Margie, Jo-Ellen, Lynn, Gail and Linda for another great day hiking together. Peter 10/6/13 - Wanderer . added 10 photos. 10/6/13 - Margie Litwin added 4 photos.

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Customary Pic at Trailhead - added by Wanderer

Rock Scramble - added by Wanderer

Taking a Breather - added by Wanderer

Trail Canopy - added by Wanderer

Chapel Pond and High Peaks Color - added by Wanderer

Crossing Washbowl Outlet - added by Wanderer

Reflections on Washbowl - added by Wanderer

Washbowl, Chapel Pond Slabs on Round Mt and the Dix Range - added by Wanderer

Giant of the Valley - added by Wanderer

Ausable Club, Great Range with Big Slide in the Background - added by Wanderer

Lunch on the Nubble - added by Wanderer

Dilby - All Dressed Up For A Party - Looks like a miniature Chewbacca - added by Wanderer

Whiteface - added by Wanderer

Ausable Lakes valley Surrounded by High Peaks - added by Wanderer

Roaring Brook - added by Wanderer

Noonmark - added by Wanderer

Pretty Nice View - added by Wanderer

Tracks of the Invisible Yeti of Giant Mountain - added by Wanderer

Trailside Waso Nest - added by Wanderer

More Trail Canopy - added by Wanderer

Looking Up At Roaring Brook Falls - added by Wanderer

Rest break by the brook - added by Margie

Roaring Brook above the falls - added by Margie

Enjoying the warm October sun by the brook - added by Margie

Soothing hiking feet in the cool brook waters. - added by Margie

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