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Buck Mountain Hike ~ Oct 17, 2014

Journal entry by Fran Herve

I had been away for 5 weeks and missed the camaraderie of the Crooked Canes so the rainy Thursday forecast was not going to make me skip this outing. When I decided that I would much rather reschedule this hike to Friday than cancel it, it crossed my mind that maybe only a few persons would be available. Instead 20 Caners gathered at our usual meeting point . We welcomed new member Denis L. to our group. The access to Buck from Shelving Rock road is shorter and not as steep as from the lake side and maybe the views are not as striking but admiring the yellows, oranges and reds of the mixed wood forest while following the trail broken by several streams and brooks was pure pleasure. The maples had lost their leaves but the beeches were still hanging on to theirs. The asters had already been touched by frost but the ferns were still bright green and contrasted with the brown of fragile mushrooms. As the trail rolled up and down and became steeper and slippery with the rain of the previous day, we slowed our pace. Everyone was enjoying the company of the group, catching up on news and sharing summer memories with friends. The temperature warmed up during the ascent and by the time we neared the summit the sun was breaking through the clouds. We put on our warmer layer to protect ourselves from the wind and had an enjoyable lunch with plenty of rocks and stones for everyone to use as seats. After admiring the views from several outlooks and taking a few pictures, it was time to head back down. Thank you Tom, Don, Peter F., Ray, Donna and Peter W., Diane and Kurt, Claire and Kirk, Lenore, Margie, Gail, Jim R., Karen and Leon, Bill, Denis F. and Denis L. for joining me and making this a perfect day!

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At the top of Buck looking to the west. - added by Diane

View to the northwest. Note Tongue Mountain Range and Northwest Bay to the right of center. - added by Diane

Diane and Claire waiting for their orders at the Buck Mountain McDonalds hike-thru window. - added by Diane

Looking for a snack and a place to snooze for about six months. - added by Diane

Group at the trailhead. - added by Fran

View of Long Island from Buck - added by Fran

Trailside stream - added by Wanderer

Pretty woods - added by Wanderer

Taking a break - added by Wanderer

All heads down - added by Wanderer

All stretched out - added by Wanderer

Just a few of the team - added by Wanderer

Our path - added by Wanderer

Rugged terrain - added by Wanderer

Looking west - Cat Mt. -center - added by Wanderer

Sagamore with Thomas Mt. - first mtn above - added by Wanderer

Enjoying lunch - added by Wanderer

The Narrows, Tongue Mt. Range, NW Bay and beyond - added by Wanderer

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