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Cat Mountain Supermoon Hike ~ Nov 14, 2016

Journal entry by Wanderer

In the past I have offered a few full moon hikes but only Linda joined me so when the final tally for the viewing of the Supermoon from Cat Mountain totaled seventeen I was more than surprised – shocked more like it.  The original itinerary called for a departure time that would have us arrive after the moon had risen over the mountains to the east but Kurt wanted to see the moon come over the horizon so scheduled a group to depart earlier.  They arrived on top in time to see the moon rise but Scott decided to join us after all, hiked alone on the steep red trail, and was early enough to view a spectacular sunset as well – see his pics.  Our next full moon hike will certainly be timed to make sure we see the whole show.  My group arrived slightly after the moon had risen and we hiked more in the dark than the rest – seeing glimpses of the moon through the trees, breaking through the clouds on the way – eerie to the first timers on a moon lit hike.  Speaking of clouds – the hourly forecast predicted that the clouds wouldn’t arrive until around 7 but keeping with their less than stellar record, the meteorologists were wrong again and the sky was mostly cloudy throughout our time on top but did provide for some unique views.

As I wandered off looking for a different view of the moon, the group was visited by a very special fellow - the Ogre of Cat Mountain.  He goes by the name Giuseppe or you can call him Joe, and lives in a nearby swamp.  He only mingles with people on very special occasions – perhaps the Supermoon being one of them.  From what I was told when he saw Linda his mood changed and he started making funny noises and then to everyone’s surprise tried to abduct her – yep – right there in front of everyone.  She resisted and fought him off several times, each time he tried to pick her up and put her over his shoulders.  He explained that he had heard about her husband Peter – that he was weird – and thought she would be better off with him.  She said no – she couldn’t leave with him because she would miss her cats too much.  He tried one more time but finally gave up.  He apologized and actually posed for a couple of pictures with Linda for Kurt.  Of course by the time I returned he was gone.  I asked why no one tried to help Linda but apparently most thought the ogre was the better choice.  Some friends I have.

Although it was still comfortable on top, with temps in the 40’s, it was time to leave.  Everyone got there headlamps or flashlights ready and off we went – downward, through the woods in a long train of light.  The moon was high now, the clouds dispersed, and providing nice views through the trees.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on a very special night.  For the majority, it was their first time on a moon light hike.  Each person will go back with fond memories I hope and share the story with friends – most likely be told that they are crazy but we all know that it was fun.  Don’t forget to say hi to Joe the next time you hike Cat Mountain – if you are lucky enough to meet him.

Ciao,  Peter

11/15/16 - Scott Anderson added 3 photos.

11/15/16 - Scott Anderson added 1 photo. 11/15/16 - Margie Litwin added 4 photos. 11/16/16 - Diane Wisell added 6 photos.

11/16/16 - Wanderer . added 6 photos.

19 photos

Sunset on Cat Mountain - added by Scott

Photo added by Scott

Photo added by Scott

Edgecomb Pond mirrored the peaceful surroundings as we passed. - added by Margie

From the summit of Cat we watched the Supermoon rising over the opposite shore behind Buck Mt. - added by Margie

Surprisingly mild temp and only light breeze welcomed our happy crew. - added by Margie

Moonlight through the clouds shone brightly on islands beyond Montcalm Point. - added by Margie

5.24 pm - added by Diane

5.32 pm. Very orange at the 5.09 pm rise, the color is already becoming more yellow. - added by Diane

5.34 pm. Were it not for clouds, we'd have only needed to take a couple of photos! - added by Diane

6.18 pm. Moonlight reflecting off the Narrows and Northwest Bay - added by Diane

7.37 pm. The moon's getting higher in the sky provided more light on the lake. - added by Diane

6.53 pm. The view of Lake George looking south east. It looked a lot darker from our perch on Cat Mountain but an 8 second exposure reveals a lot. - added by Diane

Newcomers - L to R - Richard, Christy, Kimberly, Richard - added by Wanderer

Giuseppe the Ogre of Cat Mountain attempting to abduct Linda- Linda fighting back - added by Wanderer

Linda fighting off another attempt to be abducted but he's getting the best of her - added by Wanderer

Giuseppe gives up and apologizes to Linda for being such an ogre - added by Wanderer

Friends for life - Linda and Giuseppe pose together for a picture - added by Wanderer

A somewhat dejected Giuseppe - he decides to leave and return to his swamp - added by Wanderer


Diane & Kurt, Barbara, Claire, Margie, Scott, Linda & Peter, Jo-Ellen, Pat, Jim R, Carolyn, Stu, Denis Lemek and friends – Kimberly, Christy & Richard and last but not least - Giuseppe - the friendly Ogre of Cat Mountain

Viewing 67 of 79 - 2016


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