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Treadway Paddle/Hike Combo ~ Jun 9, 2011

Journal entry by Wanderer

Hello Caners, Cloudy skies and cool temps greeted eleven of us at the WCMC. With quick hellos and some carpooling adjustments we were on our way. Travelling north the skies weren't clearing and a few rain drops made me think that my promises of sunny, blue skies was in jeopardy but I remained optimistic. Only Eric met us at exit 28 - a group led by Tom had already gone ahead. Arriving at the Putnam Pond kiosk we were surprised to be met with a traffic jam. Normally our group of "caners" is waved in without delay but the park was now insisting on everyone getting tickets and registering their vehicles - and it was the first day for the lucky staff member collecting the data! Our next chore was to unload our gear and decide who was doing what. Eric had settled on fishing while Tom and Diane were going to paddle only and possibly go for a short hike to Clear Pond. I later learned that they attempted to hike to the pond but were driven back by the mosquitoes so spent a few hours paddling Putnam, having a leisurely lunch and exploring the shoreline. The rest of us paddled across to the trailhead and with assistance from Eric located it quickly. I don't think anyone was prepared for the swarms of mosquitoes that would attack us during the day and the group quickly broke into smaller ones based on the speed of the hikers. I stayed back with the last group most of the day so some of the information in the trip report was reported back to me several days after the outing. Within the first mile we were detoured around a new and rather large beaver pond that added quite amount of distance to the hike. We also were greeted by one of the beavers enjoying the now sunny skies as it swam the length of the pond - quite a treat. Continuing onward and upward we finally reached an open area where the slight breeze lessened the attacks from the mozzies and blue skies abounded. Following the cairns to the first summit we were treated to super views, numerous patches of Lady Slippers and acres of blueberry bushes filled with tiny berries for next month's crop. There was talk of calling this the actual summit but I promised that it was only "just another fifteen minutes." Forty minutes later we arrived at the true summit and met Don and Jim on their way down after having a leisurely 45 minute lunch. More of our original group was spread out on the mosquito free ledges - visiting, enjoying the fine weather and taking in the views. Depending on which direction you looked you could see the Adk High Peaks, Mt. Mansfield and Camels Hump in Vermont, Snowy, Blue Mountain and Crane - quite an expansive view from a summit of only 2,240'. We were able to explore more of the summit before having a short lunch and start the trip down. I received a report back from Karen and Rose that they had heard a sound like "a baby crying" only to see a fawn calling for its mother on the side of the trail. They didn't see the mother but knew that it was close-by because the fawn quickly stopped crying and settled down into its hiding position. They also had seen loons and the beaver. Again, my group took up the rear and it wasn't long before the mosquito attacks began again - it was late afternoon and they must have called in reinforcements because they were all over us. The beaver, sunning itself on the dam, greeted us once again and casually swam away. Arriving at the TH close to 5 o'clock we found Linda guarding the single kayak and two canoes - everyone else had already departed. We hurried our departure as best we could, retreating to the safety of the water and paddled to the boat launch to bid our farewells. Great trip but don't be surprised if you hear talk about the "War of the Mosquitoes" on future outings. Thanks to Fran, Tom, Diane, Don, Sam, Eric, Jim, Susan, Rose, Karen, Will, Jan, Dale, and Linda for joining me on this most memorable outing. Peter

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Treadway From False Summit

Pink Lady's Slipper

Group On Summit - L to R: Karen, Dale, Fran, Sam, Susan, Rose

View Of The High Peaks

Happy Hikers - L to R: Rose, Karen, Fran, Linda

Will Holt

Sheep Laurel - not quite in full bloom yet

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