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Pilot Knob Ridge Hike ~ Oct 18, 2012

Journal entry by Don McMahon

While one car initially went to the LGLC "Pilot Knob Ridge" trail, that error was quickly corrected when all the remaining cars passed that spot on their way to the "true" Pilot Knob Ridge trail, an area now classified as "wilderness", which means "that" group has seen fit to remove all the trail markers that have been there for many years (more than the 20 that I can verify!). This is an area of ledges and large rock outcroppings that the mostly yellow fall leaves on all surfaces converted into an enchanted forest. We, eighteen strong, attacked the mountain using the old logging road that climbs in a more gradual fashion and would end up at the "Lower Hogtown Parking Lot" on Buttermilk Falls Rd. However we exited to the right just before the height-of-land to follow a stream that has eroded the land forming a gully that the trail, yet an old logging road, eventually crosses over. Then, after the logging road becomes less steep, we caught a much steeper herd path that took us to the notch beteen Pilot Know Ridge and Pilot Knob Mountain. As we neared the top of the ridge we saw through haze the stream and swamp at the south end of Lake George. leading us to imagine the worse. However reaching the actual ridge seconds later, we saw clearly displayed in front of us large sections of Lake George and the mountain peaks on the west side. The views were wonderful and we had lunch enjoying the view in a rather cool breeze. After a leasurly lunch we followed the rather visible gray paint stripes on the rocks that were used to cover over the original, more visible, yellow stripes. The first part of the way down is a series of excellent views which initially displayed the south end of the Lake and eventually allowed us to see the Tongue Mountain Range to the north. As forecast, the sunny day became pleasantly warm and comfortable. A very nice day to enjoy outdoors in the wilderness.

10/19/12 - Wanderer . added 14 photos.

14 photos

Smile Competition - by Wanderer

Taking A Rest - by Wanderer

Enjoying Some Visiting Before the Steep Part - by Wanderer

Trailside Visitor - Diane's Friend - by Wanderer

Stringing Out the Group With Some "Up" - by Wanderer

Pretty Woods - by Wanderer

Looking South Towards Lake George Village - (Haze was very apparent in all the distant views) - by Wanderer

Lunch On Top - by Wanderer

Just Chillin - by Wanderer

Enjoying Some Sun - by Wanderer

Long Island (and a layer of haze) - by Wanderer

Bolton Landing's Sagamore - by Wanderer

Bumps On A Log - by Wanderer

Still Some Color - by Wanderer

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