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Little Buck Bushwhack ~ Nov 10, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Even after fair warning, twenty folks sought our bushwhacking adventure. After dropping off cars for later pickup, we began ascending through the open woods of Little Buck. The first half mile was steep and soft, with few limbs to hinder our way. Our first overlook, a great view of Sleeping Beauty cliffs, included a leisurely snack stop. We then hiked through a parklike grove to lunch on a large, rock ledge with long southern views of Lake George, Crane and other mountains west of the lake, and billowing smoke near Diamond Point. We then turned north, paralleling the lake as we gradually descended across open grassy and lichen covered ledges and oak groves.The fallen leaves made for slippery footing, but the sun shining through the translucent brown leaves still on the trees made the groves a wonderland. Soon we could see Dome Island and the Sagamore. Many deer signs and rock avoiding zig zags marked the way to our arrival about half down the Shelving Rock Falls trail. We continued down to Log Bay, noting beaver activity and saying good-bye to the folks who had to leave. The rest of us enjoyed the views and the inviting blue green water, but no one had brought their swimsuits! We continued walking along the lake, enjoying the water views, rock formations and comraderie. We met Jack, who had retrieved his car so that we would all have a ride back. Unfortunately, the dropped-off cars had not been left at the Log Bay parking lot, so those leaving early had an extra half mile to walk. But inspite of that, we all agreed it was a great four mile, 1150 foot elevation gain walk. Thanks to Kurt for the tracking.  

11/10/16 - Lenore and Jack Reber added 16 photos. 11/12/16 - Diane Wisell added 4 photos. 11/15/16 - Margie Litwin added 1 photo.

21 photos

We begin the hikewhack - added by Lenore

Ed stomping those pesky oak leaves. - added by Lenore

Monster's foot stomping those pesky oak leaves. - added by Lenore

Blowdown slowdown - added by Lenore

Summit of Little Buck - added by Lenore

Windy lunch - added by Lenore

Ed's furry friend - added by Lenore

Protective-colored fungus - added by Lenore

Hotel Sagamore through the leaves - added by Lenore

Dappled sky - added by Lenore

hare bell - added by Lenore

Dome Island and western mountains - added by Lenore

Deer rubbing - added by Lenore

Descending to Shelving Rock trail - added by Lenore

Bushwhack ends, hike begins - added by Lenore

Laughing at the troll under the bridge - added by Lenore

In a shocking Crooked Canes first, Lenore says "Lets wait a bit before lunch." - added by Diane

Waiting for lunch brought us to our planned lunch spot and this view of Buck Mountain with the sun amid clouds. - added by Diane

Sharp eyed Rich spotted these rare (but once common) American Chestnut burs along the Shelving Rock shore. Read more about chestnuts at - added by Diane

Quite similar in appearance are leaves of the American Beech (L) and American Chestnut (R). Chestnut leaves are significantly longer. - added by Diane

Leader-photographer Lenore. - added by Margie

Viewing 66 of 79 - 2016


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