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Wakely Mountain ~ Oct 16, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Diane W., Peter F., Lenore and Jack met at WCMC on a cloudy, chilly morning. The forecast was for 0.03 inches of rain, so we figured that we could ignore the forecast. We picked up Donna Wood at Wevertown and proceeded through Indian Lake to Cedar River Road, and the trailhead where we met Karen Burke. We encountered light snow in Indian Lake and it continued throughout most of our hike. The trail is an access road for the first two miles, and while we were chilly and surprised by the snow, we enjoyed the beauty of the snow-covered balsams, spruces, and slightly past peak tree leaves. The leaf litter on the trail was quite wet, hiding the rock paving underneath. The stream to our left gurgled over waterfalls and we crossed it twice on log bridges. We passed a wet, unsuccessful hunter on his way down for breakfast and some dry clothes. The snow and wind abated until Jack commented on the reprieve, then it began again, of course. We had tea time at the two mile mark, then began the over 1000’ ascent to the summit. Snow covered the forest floor, but there wasn’t much on the trail. The wet leaves, mud, and bare rock made this steep climb extra tricky. We all did very well, with only a few mud slides. We arrived at a large platform before the summit, then walked to the observer’s cabin and the tower. The steps and railings were covered with an inch of snow. Jack, then Lenore, climbed about halfway up the tower until the fierce wind and swaying tower convinced them to retreat. The view was as socked in as Snowy was two weeks ago. We enjoyed a visit from a chipmunk at lunch who eagerly ate our dropped food. Our gloves were wet and our hands were cold, so we began the descent to the car. The snow that Lenore had knocked off trees in our path with some effort had recoated the trees before the trip down. Karen and Jack put on their microspikes to ensure safe footing, but the rest did fine without them. The snow stopped after the steep part was conquered, but Jack didn’t comment and we had no snow and little wind on the return trip on the trail. We encountered a very lethargic toad and Peter put him in a stump hollow for protection. After about five hours hiking, we eagerly got into the warm cars and headed to Stewarts in Indian Lake. We all agreed the we’d had a memorable day, enhanced by the snow cover.

10/17/12 - Wanderer . added 7 photos.

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Birches, balsams and snow

Hikers in fall colors.

One of many gurgling waterfalls along way.

The higher we go, the more snow.

Here we come.

The tower from the observer's cabin porch, a study in gray.

Peter's new best friend.

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