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Three Lakes and Lunch ~ Sep 26, 2013

Journal entry by Karen & Leon Barnich

Three Lakes and Lunch is an understated title for this beautiful hike. An autumn harvest of colors delighted our eyes with brilliant red, orange and yellow leaves dancing in the light breeze. The smell of newly fallen pine needles filled the air. Ten hikers including hosts Leon and Karen, Karen Burke, Gail, Dennis, Margie, Diane and Kurt, and Linda and Peter enjoyed the incredible views of Bennett, Middle and Murphy Lakes. The hike began with a gentle climb up an old rocky logging road; as we sloped down to Bennett Lake you could see a beaver condo along the shoreline and reflections of the pine trees and dazzling fall leaves on the water. Slow down the pace and it is a good reason for a snack. Moving on we could see Middle Lake for quite some time before we could get close to the shore for a view of this striking scene. Of course Peter, with Gail in tow, found his way down to the water without getting wet! Reaching the Murphy Lake Lean-To was yet another reason to eat, and lunch was had by all as we sat in the sunshine on the boulders along the lake. We circled the east side of Murphy Lake, and a few times went off trail in search of trail markers, and as we left the lake we continued into a beautiful woods hike for the last 3 miles. There were many downed trees even since August, as Mother Nature has been rearranging things in the woods. We had an opportunity to see the 350 + year old tree, as estimated by Kurt, you may recall from a prior hike a number of Caners encircled the tree by joining hands. Yet another wonderful day in the woods with total weather cooperation and a great group of people. It doesn’t get much better.

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Murphy Lake Photo by Kurt

Linda may I PLEASE come out from under my rock? Photo by Kurt

Ray Bouchard, this one's for you..... Photo by Kurt

....and here is one for Sam Photo by Kurt

At the Trailhead - added by Wanderer

Trail Debris - added by Wanderer

Two Karens and Cairn - added by Wanderer

Bennett Lake Shoreline - added by Wanderer

Beaver Lodge on Bennett Lake - added by Wanderer

Get Well Ray! - added by Wanderer

Middle Lake Cove - added by Wanderer

Cliffs Above Murphy Lake - added by Wanderer

Murphy Lake Shoreline - added by Wanderer

Super Lunch Spot - added by Wanderer

The Show Begins - added by Wanderer

Just a Little Bushwhack - added by Wanderer

A Pretty Picture - added by Wanderer

Roots and a Rock - added by Wanderer

Mother Nature's Paint Brushes - added by Wanderer

Breaktime at Bennett Lake - added by Wanderer

Partridge berries brighten the path. - added by Margie

Wintergreen berry - added by Margie

The Wanderer's balancing act. - added by Margie

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