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Dippikill Hike ~ Oct 9, 2014

Journal entry by Nancy Kimball

Twenty-three caners took advantage of the crisp Fall air and almost peak foliage to hike the Dippikill loop, stopping for the views and photo ops along the trail. 80% of the group honored the Tom Gibbs tradition of walking silently for 15 minutes to commune more directly with nature.

There was some confusion about the designated lunch location but one of the former educators was successful in urging the group on to the official site by the lean-to at the pond. Good conversation, ideal hiking weather and wonderful scenery made for another outstanding event!!!

10/11/14 - Joanne Armstrong added 2 photos.

10/11/14 - Joanne Armstrong added 2 photos.

10/13/14 - Wanderer . added 18 photos.

10/13/14 - Wanderer . added 1 photo.

23 photos

Glimpse of a rainbow on the way up to Dippikill - added by Joanne

Rearranging the woods - added by Joanne

Photo added by Joanne

Photo added by Joanne

My - what a group! - added by Wanderer

Repositioned boulder - thanks Ed - added by Wanderer

So many choices - added by Wanderer

Wood's walk - check out Ed's walking staff - a pool stick! Maybe the future lodge will have a pool table. - added by Wanderer

Nancy showing Ed the way - added by Wanderer

How many student associations provide such a variety of outdoor activities to their students/alumni - added by Wanderer

Just a pretty view along the trail - added by Wanderer

Overlook view - Hudson River and beyond - added by Wanderer

Time for some chatting - added by Wanderer

Cove on Dippikill Pond - added by Wanderer

View from lunch spot - added by Wanderer

Lunch 1 - added by Wanderer

Lunch 2 - added by Wanderer

Lunch 3 - added by Wanderer

Headed out - added by Wanderer

Ed's new hiking staff - used for 20 cents! - added by Wanderer

Materials for future lodge - picture taken April 26th, 2012 - added by Wanderer

Current status of future lodge - to be completed in 2016 - added by Wanderer

Great day to be hiking! - added by Wanderer

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