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Beaver Meadow Falls And More Hike ~ Nov 4, 2016

Journal entry by Gail Stauble

Maybe I'm partial because I lead the hike, but I'd have to call Beaver Meadow Falls a 5 star hike.  At least it was on this day. With the recent rains, there was plentiful water in the river, producing roaring rapids and abundant waterfalls along the way.  Frost capped the trees in the higher elevations, and with the blue sky, sunshine and crisp temperature, it all made for perfect hiking conditions. There were 13 of us.  We were happy to have Mark join us for a second time and hope he comes out to play with us again.  We think he enjoyed the day.

After walking the road to the gatehouse, we decided to all hike together along the west side of the river.  The sights and sounds of rushing water joined us all along the way to Beaver Meadow Falls.  Here we had lunch, and after crossing the river to the east side, 4 Caners decided to head on back to their cars via the road, and the rest of us went on to Lower Ausable Lake. Just above Beaver Meadow Falls and along the East River Trail the water quiets, and as you walk thru a beautiful hemlock forest, you also enjoy the special views of Beaver Meadow. In a mile, we reached Lower Ausable Lake -what a beautiful, peaceful spot!  As leader, I opted to linger here while the others took the short trail to Rainbow Falls.  We then opted to take the road back to our cars, the East Side Trail was an option, but it was getting late, and daylight hours are short.

Thank you Lynn, Margie, Cathy C, Shelly, Bob and Sandy, Pedro and Linda, Kurt, John, Joy and Mark for joining me today.

11/8/16 - Kurt Wisell added 4 photos. 11/8/16 - Joy Munro added 7 photos. 11/10/16 - John Rourke added 9 photos. 11/15/16 - Margie Litwin added 2 photos. 11/22/16 - Wanderer . added 15 photos.

37 photos

Peter & Linda surround Beaver Meadow Falls. - added by Kurt

The Canes approach the bottom of Rainbow Falls. - added by Kurt

The teeth of Rainbow Falls - added by Kurt

AMR's boat house on Lower Ausable Lake. - added by Kurt

As we started toward the start of the trail, a look back toward Giant where clouds hid the light snow covering - added by Joy

The first bridge - added by Joy

The trail started as a lovely stroll along the river - added by Joy

It wasn't long before the river was roaring far below us. - added by Joy

Beaver Falls wasn't the only falls to view; there were numerous smaller falls that were worth capturing. - added by Joy

Another example - added by Joy

Beaver meadow and the beginning of the river's mad rush down the mountain. - added by Joy

Lunch time/photo op at Beaver Meadow Falls - added by John

Odd looking creature - added by John

It just moved! - added by John

Photo added by John

What drought! - added by John

Great idea! - added by John

Lots of water over Rainbow Falls as well. - added by John

Our leader up from a sun-drenched nap. - added by John

Bridge over East Branch of Ausable River. - added by John

Gail says, "Relax, Wolfjaws are not on today's itinerary." - added by Margie

Loving the mild November sun by the falls. - added by Margie

Kurt signing in for Gail with John supervising - added by Wanderer

Customary group photo at the "official" trailhead - sans Gail - added by Wanderer

Group on the bridge over the East Branch of the Ausable - Joy and Mark seem hesitant to join us - added by Wanderer

Perfect location for a trail - following the East Branch of the Ausable - added by Wanderer

Beaver Meadow Falls wasn't the only water attraction for the day - here the Ausable River plunges through a gorge next to the trail - added by Wanderer

Sandy and Bob on the bridge over Wedge Brook - added by Wanderer

Oh my - Mark seems to have lost Joy! - added by Wanderer

Lunch in the mist of the falls - added by Wanderer

Beaver Meadow Falls showing the additional cascade above the main falls - added by Wanderer

Beaver Meadow with Sawteeth Mt. in the background - added by Wanderer

Upstream form the meadow the trail squeezes us between the cliffs and the river - added by Wanderer

Full view of Rainbow Falls through the mist - added by Wanderer

Indian Head from Lower Ausable Lake - added by Wanderer

Relaxing in the sun at the dam at Lower Ausable Lake - added by Wanderer

Gail and Shelly at "The Gate" - added by Wanderer

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