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A-Team hike to Spruce Mtn ~ Oct 12, 2017

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Finally, after many days of rain and humid weather, a good day to be outdoors and in the woods! Tom and Don were joined by Bonnie, Fran, Linda, Bill, and Sam. The very well graded trail to the summit and the open woods, lightened by the colored leaves, made the trip seem much less than the 1000 ft of actual elevation. By the time we reached the summit, the weather was so pleasant that climbing the fire tower was a pleasure. And, of course, the only way to get a view is from the top of the fire tower. From there one could see a landscape in full fall color mode. Good day, good views, and good company!

10/13/17 - Bonnie Whitman added 5 photos.

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Lunch at the Summit

A view from the fire tower

Resting after the hike

Bonnie, Bill and Sam discussing events

The gang - added by Bonnie

Fran's little buddy. - added by Bonnie

Where did she go haha - added by Bonnie

Photo added by Bonnie

Amazing view from the tower. - added by Bonnie

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