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Hadley Mtn ~ May 23, 2011

Journal entry by Fran Herve

By Sunday night the weather forecast for the whole week did not sound too promising but I had become tired of "slight chances of thunderstorms" and postponed hikes so I decided to take a chance on getting wet. Claire and Kirk met me at exit 12 and we found Ray Bouchard, Rose and Don at the trail head. The cool, breezy weather kept the bugs away most of the day. Shortly after the beginning of the hike it was obvious who was going to get to the top first and who would take 2 hours to walk 2 miles. Ray, Rose and I enjoyed the multitude of trout lilies, solomon's seals, violets of different colors, jack-in-the-pulpits, wild oats, purple and painted trilliums, canada mayflowers, star flowers, blue cohosh, clintonias, lady slippers, etc........ There were the ones that we see every spring and remember the names, others that we had forgotten during the long winter months and others that we had never identified until today. Maybe the weather was not adequate for mountain top photos but it was fine for taking photos of wildflowers. Some people had an early lunch and almost froze waiting for the botanists to arrive at the fire tower, others decided that the purpose of this hike was just to get some exercise and were on their way down before we got to the top. I thought about making all the other Crooked Canes feel bad that they missed a beautiful day in the Adirondacks but the truth is we found fog way before the top and there were no views to be seen. Kirk was the only one who climbed the fire tower just because it was his first time on Hadley Mtn. We were sorry that we could not take a long lunch and a nap in the sun but grateful that we were able to finally get out of the house. After falling in the mud on slippery rocks twice, I was told that my leader title was at risk and I cautiously walked back to the trail register while still trying to identify the many song birds at the same time. We missed the bird experts!  All agreed that this was a much better day than we have had in a long time and we just hoped that the next outing won’t have to be canceled again!

Fran Herve

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Viewing 6 of 21 - 2011


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