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Palmer Pond Hike ~ Nov 4, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber for Tom Gibbs

TREAT was the word for the day. Nineteen of us gathered at Tom Gibbs' Friend's Lake home, filled with the pleasure of seeing old friends and memories of the many September Cane Reunions. Tom led us along the cross country ski trails through the woods glowing with translucent yellow beech and birch leaves. Tom was a font of knowledge, sharing memories of the times the Friend's Lake Inn set up food stations on picnic tables along the trails, including cheese and chocolate fondues. Of course, this prompted Cane requests, which Tom fulfilled by handing out Halloween candy. He also demonstrated how to fall gently onto a leaf softened trail while pulling a large dead limb from a tree. Tom was surprised to find the trail along the Chestertown Horse Farm had been incorporated into some expansion construction, but as intrepid as usual, he led us on a 'bushwhack' along the muddy road around a green field enjoyed by several horses. We soon were in the woods again, headed for the pond and a November lunch in the northish country, basking in the sun, gazing onto the sparkling pond while sitting on comfy rocks and soft grass. And then Donna Wood offered chocolate covered Oreos and Lenore passed around pecan squares. 

Then the real bushwhack began! We followed Tom, and we followed Tom, enjoying the day and the comraderie. When Tom said we should probably retrace our steps to the lake, Donna Wood asked, "Who said A-team hikes aren't adventurous?" Several suggestions for direction were offered and Jack was called on for GPS guidance, a scarey thing in itself! Jack, not to be outdone by Tom, showed us how to trip over a log into a leaf pile. Arriving back at the horse farm, the grandest treat began. Because Tom has been closely involved with the horse farm for many years, giving tours and being friends, we were allowed to pet and talk with the beautiful, curious and friendly mares and colts in the fields and barns. This indeed was a wonderful Cane event, filled with friendship, learning and beauty. We hiked 4.5 miles and had a delightful 475 ft. elevation gain. Thank you Tom and everyone else for a wonderful day.

11/5/16 - Lenore Reber added 17 photos. 11/5/16 - Diane Wisell added 3 photos.

20 photos

Friend's Lake Inn parking lot - added by Lenore

Multi-trunked white pine caused by beetle nips - added by Lenore

Halloween treats from Tom - added by Lenore

Our leader on high - added by Lenore

Pay attention, Fran, we're going into the woods - added by Lenore

Lunch by Palmer Pond - added by Lenore

Hard to leave - added by Lenore

Really? Through the gate? We visit Chestertown Horse Farm - added by Lenore

Oh, no! Here come the Canes! - added by Lenore

Maybe the Canes aren't that scary. - added by Lenore

Two beautiful, pregnant mares - added by Lenore

A stallion in the stable. - added by Lenore

Touring the barn,caressing the soft, warm breathy noses - added by Lenore

The Teaser, a pony who keeps the mares interested until the stallion comes along. - added by Lenore

Octagonal training barn - added by Lenore

Nancy and Diane sitting at the bus stop beautifully painted by stable hand. - added by Lenore

Remembering Friend's Lake Crooked Canes reunions - added by Lenore

a beautiful day in the woods! - added by Diane

Sir Thomas with an attentive crowd. - added by Diane

Pretty nice digs, if you're a horse! - added by Diane

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