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Pilot Knob Gazebo and Waterfalls ~ May 12, 2011

Journal entry by Wanderer

Hi Fellow Caners, Nancy is quite busy tending to her critters and has asked me to write the trip report for her CC outing to Pilot Knob Ridge and Butternut Brook Falls on Thursday, May 12th. I apologize for a delay in posting the report but our new website ran into a few glitches, which is often the case when trying something new. Dave is working on it so please be patient. With 11 people meeting at the WCMC we knew were off to a great start - the weather was ideal and spirits were high. A ten minute ride brought us to the trailhead with another 5 people waiting including our leader, Nancy. The trail was in great shape but steadily steep as we made it to the Gazebo for an extended rest and to take in the splendid views of southern Lake George basin and the surrounding mountains. Gore still had some snow on it as did a couple of the High Peaks which could be seen with the aid of binoculars. The decision was made to continue to Butternut Brook Falls and then return for a somewhat later than normal lunch. The falls had already shrunk in size but there was still enough water to have them cascade over different levels of rock to make the trip worthwhile. Returning to the Gazebo we had an extended lunch soaking up the abundant sun and taking in the views. A couple of moms with young children had the same idea as did a visitor from New Jersey staying in North Creek for the summer. Lunch finally had to end and the group split up, taking different routes back to the parking lot and then continuing to the nearest Stewart's for our ice cream reward. Thanks to Fran, Don, Tom, Linda, Paul & Cindy, Claire, Peter & Donna Wood, Ray Bouchard, Ray Boucher, Nancy, Sam, Lainie Angel, and Donna Westcott for making this another great outing. There is quite the history to the preserve and rather than try and explain it I thought that an excerpt from a website would be better - "Affectionately known by locals as 'The Drug Dealer's House', the Pilot Knob Ridge preserve is located on a 223-acre parcel of protected lands. In the mid-1990's the property owner decided to illegally clear land and build a large house visible throughout the southern Lake George basin. The property was then seized by authorities and the house was razed. The property changed hands until it was sold to the Lake George Land Conservancy. Today a gazebo stands where the house once stood providing beautiful views of the lake and mountains. Remnants of the driveway form part of the trail to the bottom." Peter

8 photos

On the Trail - minus Ray Boucher

Side Cascade

Top of the Falls - Close-up

Falls From Below

Trailside Visitor - Baby Cobra

Group at Gazebo - minus Cindy and Paul

Looking West from Gazebo - Crane Mt in the Background

Looking West from Gazebo - Crane Mt on left, Gore Mt on right

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