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Hike to Fifth Peak Shelter ~ Oct 5, 2012

Journal entry by Don McMahon

Friday turned out to be better than Thursday in terms of weather so the change was worthhile for those who could make the change. It was a rather humid and cool day to start with although summer like weather was forcast for later. We started 12 strong from the Clay Meadow parking lot with 4 splitting off to walk the trail along Great West Bay. The remainding 8 of us continued up the rather steep trail, greeted with occasional glimpses of sunlight striking the left-over haze between the trees in front of us. Surprisingly, in spite of all the recenet rain, the streams under the two bridges we crossed on the way up were dry. However, with the colorful leaves covering the ground and on the trees, the path was almost enchanted. Would we have a view when we reached the shelter or would the lake still be covered in fog? As it turned out banks of not-entirely dissapated fog remained but caused the hills and mountains on the east side of Lake George to be outlined in an unusually atractive fashion making for an splended view. And Fall was in the air. Although not peak color, the colors of the trees under the blue sun filled sky were vibrant. And the temperature was warm with a gentle breeze making lunch a pleasant experience that I am sure we will remember fondly when we get the cold snowey winter that the Farmer's Almanac is forecasting. A good day to be out in the woods!

10/7/12 - Wanderer . added 23 photos.

23 photos

Sign-In - L to R - Jim R, Donna Wood, Donna Westcott, Tom, Eric, Joanne, Karen, Peter Wood, Don and Leon (Kathy arrived a couple of minutes later) - by Wanderer

I know, I know - Just Another Mushroom for Ray to Identify - by Wanderer

Karen - "Who needs feet to hike" - by Wanderer

"Beam Me Up Scotty" - by Wanderer

Hemlock Grove - by Wanderer

Trailview - by Wanderer

Switchback - by Wanderer

Hemlocks and Rocks - by Wanderer

Illumination - by Wanderer

Forest View - by Wanderer

The Very Rare Tongue Mountain Tiger Snake - by Wanderer

Colors Peeking Thru - by Wanderer

Peak Colors Below the Summit - by Wanderer

Looking South - French Pt Mt and First Peak - by Wanderer

Easterly View - Black Mt and Erebus - by Wanderer

Southeasterly View - The Narrows and Buck Mt (?) - by Wanderer

Milling About - by Wanderer

Packin Up - by Wanderer

Somebody Had A Lot Of Extra Time On Their Hands - by Wanderer

Lots of Color - by Wanderer

Yup - We went up, now gotta go down! - by Wanderer

Eft - "You lookin at me" - by Wanderer

Pond at the Parking Lot - by Wanderer

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