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Jay Mountain Hike ~ Oct 5, 2014

Journal entry by Kurt For Peter Fedorick

As Pete's 2014 Annual Fall Foliage Tour winds down a bit, Mr. Fedorick finds himself rather busy with a backlog of trip reports and cats to feed so I volunteered to do this write up for him as a small THANK YOU for the "Specials" this fall and for showing us this very special hike. Somewhere this week I read that Phil Brown, editor of the Adirondack Explorer, stated that Jay is his favorite hike in the Adirondacks and after being wowed by it, I wholeheartedly agree. If you go to Jay, it is likely to be your opinion as well. It is just that good. The trail head is just under an hour and a half from WCMC. Starting from a fairly small parking area that has plenty of additional room to park along along paved road, it is 2.4 miles (4.8 round trip) and about 1,800 feet vertical on DEC maintained trail to a "huge wow value" overlook featuring views 360 degrees with Whiteface at center stage to the west and the Jay range to the east. The trail is in great shape with a steady grade, no serious steep sections and plenty of trail markers. To make this one overlook the objective for a day's outing qualifies for bucket list status. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Looking east, the view of the Jay Range provides irresistible enticement to continue on. Rocky balds along an irregular ridge hold promise of views too good to miss. Once you've hiked it, you'll agree the experience is delivered in excess of the promise. Beyond the first overlook the trail is very good and marked by a few promontories from which the views are terrific. There are a few short steeper sections and only one is somewhat difficult, though short. Some of the trail is on ledge well marked by stone cairns. There are no circular trail markers on trees beyond the first overlook which caused us to wonder if DEC maintains this section. After 1.4 miles, you will arrive at what appears to be (and to some folks it is) the summit, marked by a cairn on a broad expense of rock. As now expected on this trip, views in all directions. Peter said that in the evening the lights from Montreal are visible. From this point, along an obscure trail section that seems unused, it is .2 miles to what the USGS indicates as the summit by virtue of their having placed a marker. From this point at the end of the trail are the best views of Lake Champlain and Vermont where Mount Mansfield, Camels Hump, Pico and Killington are easily visible as well as more of the Greens to the south. Including the wee little addition of 1.6 miles from the first overlook to the USGS marker makes for an 8 mile round trip with 3.500 feet total ascent (remember the words "irregular ridge" from the previous paragraph?!) and a long but unforgettable day. Special thanks to Diane and Gail for putting up with Peter and I and to Ray "I keep everything" Bouchard from Kurt "I delete everything" Wisell" for sharing his 2009 GPS track that was key to locating the USGS marker. 10/7/14 - Wanderer . added 17 photos.10/21/14 - Wanderer . added 5 photos.

34 photos

Diane and Gail take in one of the early views.

Photo by Kurt

Four Cairn Gnomes peek out at passing hikers. Don't feed them! One is known to have a taste for large sandwiches and will do anything to get them.

Three Amigos with the Jay Range beckoning behind them.

Just another "boring" view.

Peter breaks into song beginning with "Off we go into the wild blue yonder......."

Just enjoying the moment.

On the first promontory above the overlook at 2.4 miles.

Warty ledge surface with garnet here and iron there provides great traction.

On the only difficult pitch in the whole hike, Peter and brush have just become best friends.

Gail and Diane are having lunch in this picture (dots just right of and below center) with Whiteface in the background.

Adirondacks from the summit.

Lake Champlain from the summit.

USGS marker at the "unknown" summit of Jay.

This large owl pellet couldn't be left out of a story like this!

This one's for you, Ray............

.........and so is this!

Official sign-in - added by Wanderer

First overlook destination - added by Wanderer

"The Ridge" - added by Wanderer

The valley was ablaze with color - added by Wanderer

"The High Peaks" - added by Wanderer

L to R (background) - Rocky Peak Ridge, Rocky Peak, Giant and the Dix Range - added by Wanderer

Hamlet of Jay - for those of you who are familiar - Ward's Lumber just below center and Jay's covered bridge a little right of center - added by Wanderer

The Ridge Walk - 1 - added by Wanderer

The Ridge Walk - 2 - added by Wanderer

Short stop - added by Wanderer

Looking back on the ridge towards Whiteface - added by Wanderer

View of Whiteface with Esther to the right - added by Wanderer

Silhouette of Rocky Peak Ridge (L) to Giant (R) - added by Wanderer

Happy Hikers! - added by Wanderer

Just a nice view - added by Wanderer

Lake Champlain with Camel's Hump left of center - added by Wanderer

Gail on Top - added by Wanderer

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