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The A-Team's Pinnacle ~ Oct 23, 2015

Journal entry by Diane's Ghost Host

This week's A-Team hike to the Pinnacle in Bolton, locally known as The Roost, postponed from Thursday until today, was worth the wait. Sadly we were without Diane, our trip leader, whose daughter needed her in Portland for a few days. No worries, everything’s okay and she’ll be back soon.

Though Friday dawned crystal clear, clouds moved in from the east as six Crooked Canes (plus a Ghost Hiker) began our 8.7 mile trip in ‘seasonable’ temperatures. Yup, the A-Team did 8.7 miles! Arriving at WCMC at 10.00, the fun began right away with comments on someone's new hiking boots, comments on someone's very recent dumpster diving, Anita's new bread machine and someone being a “tiny bit” sore from a previous Ghost Hiker stroll.

Following trip leader Diane's original plan, arriving at the Pinnacle trail head at 10.45, everyone was eager to head up the trail, a trail mostly on old logging road spiced with a bit of woods walk, all nicely done by LGLC. Soon after the obligatory photo at the trail head, we met another Crooked Cane, Dorothy, headed down after an early morning stroll. It was good to see her out and about. Soon we noticed a horizon line and blue sky peeking at us through the trees. The cadence of Don’s pace immediately increased by exactly the cube root of 1.0314252 pace length to the 4th as did everyone’s interest in what may lie ahead. In seconds (without entanglement calculation), we enjoyed a beautiful view of Lake George stretching from 5th Peak on the Tongue Mountain Range in the north to Hickory Hill in the south, the sun painting fleeting, patchy, illumination on the waves of Lake George and surrounding brilliant foliage.

Following an appropriately leisurely lunch and fun with other hikers (Grandpa and “you think you’ve got a big family group?”), we began our descent at the end of which we headed for the Sagamore Hotel, per Diane’s lesson plan.

Graciously and warmly greeted by two bellmen at the Sagamore’s entrance with the aplomb and courtesy expected of the 1%ers we are, we sauntered through the lobby to the water then along the nature trail around Green Island, noting landmarks and places we’ve been (and Anita’s house?) along the way.

Did the Ghost Hiker mention something about 8.7 miles? Well, yeah, but we're the A-Team and any bit of a wee distance traveled other than in our boots does not count since we found some really good stuff! This was a day made so very memorable to Diane and her Ghost Hiker by Bill, Anita, Joanne, Tom, Don, Joanne and Linda. Thank you all for a VERY fun trip!

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At the trail head. Photo by Diane's Ghost Hiker.

On fire after Sleeping Beauty, Tom's got NEW BOOTS! We're sure glad to have you back Sir Thomas!

Linda leaves yet another calling card, this time on the Morgan's dry dock.

Midday view, looking south from the Pinnacle.

Oh Peter, I miss you!

A view to the north, into the Lake George Narrows, CCs looking south to the next view.............

CC's looking north, Long Island and Huddle Bay behind them.

Well, you know, there are times when you just have to rough it a little. C'est la vie.

The model of modesty and frugality, Anita vigorously denied being Chatelaine of this itsy-bitsy stone house overlooking Bolton in spite of our begging to be invited for afternoon tea and and maybe a cookie or two.

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