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Prospect Mountain ~ Oct 26, 2016

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

On yet another day with changes, this time to both venue and schedule, we wondered how many Crooked Canes would show up at the Lake George Recreation Area for a Wednesday hike on Prospect Mountain. Prospect Mountain for both the "regular" group ("regular" ???) and the A-TEAM! was a quick, last-minute change due to unanticipated blasting activity along the trail we would have taken to Rogers Rock. After spotting three cars at the terminus of the through hike, Diane, Barbara, Kurt and Linda pulled into the Rec Area to find the parking lot loaded with Crooked Canes! Twenty four hikers!

After a brief announcement that, effective immediately, we would no longer be parking at WCMC (look for information on any current schedule page in the CC web site), we tore off up the hill trying to keep up with Don. He took us along the south-ish side of the Recreation area to the top of it then along the trail headed toward Prospect Mountain, where along the way we planned to divide into two groups, one desiring to do the through hike and the other to head off and explore the Rec Area a bit before returning to their cars. Upon reaching the woods road that branches off the trail and goes to the Prospect Mountain Highway, six decided to return to the parking area via that route. They ultimately had a pretty nice day, traveling down Prospect Mountain Highway and returning to the Rec Area via a short walk on an old road through the woods.

The remaining 17 continued along the path to Prospect enjoying the cool day and still nice autumn colors complete with Don, whose indefatigueable logic indicated to him that whereas there's only one short pitch remaining and it's pretty flat the rest of the way, he should go to the top. We were delighted to have him with us! At the summit, our group broke up into twos and threes, spreading out over the entire summit area finding places in the sun and out of the wind to enjoy another very leisurely lunch, the views of Lake George, the greater Glens Falls area and foliage. Don, accompanied by Joy, set off in the direction they had come; 15 continued to Big Hollow Road and the pretty walk down to the cars waiting at the bottom. Peter, having to get a roof on his garage, did not attend and we suspected, that with his roof scheduled to be complete at midday, might make an appearance, in Halloween attire, in the culverts at the bottom of the road. Bets using bitcoin and brownies were placed and anticipation built, but no frightening experiences were had at the culverts. A few minutes after our arrival at the bottom, we were back at the Rec Area, already reminiscing about what a fun day we had and how nice it was to have us all together again as a group, at least for part of the day.

Great day with a wonderful group AND! another LCF Approval rating! An added benefit of postponing Rogers Rock is that we can look forward to that hike and strawberry picking in June.

10/27/16 - Joy Munro added 10 photos.

16 photos

Here we are! Margie, Lenore, Donna, Katie, Rondack Ray, Gail, Diane, Dennis, Linda, Jo Ellen, Jan, Mark, Joy , Jack, Pete, Linda, Dennis, Howard, Barbara, Tom, Kirk and Don with Kurt behind the camera for a change!

A new bridge on the trail to Prospect, just beyond the Rec Area.

Joy's newest handiwork!

On Big Hollow Road, adjacent to an old dam, a pretty big foundation.

Hardware found at the foundation.

A quiet fall walk down Big Hollow road.

a pretty day for a walk in the woods - added by Joy

When the sun shone through the trees it was absolutely beautiful - added by Joy

Lots of fall colors... - added by Joy

Don is thinking, "this clown thinks that walk the A-team is taking is a 'short walk on an old road'...hahaha. That last part is a major hike of about half a mile with about 300' of elevation gain. They'll wish for sure they had come to the top!" - added by Joy

Our sweeps - added by Joy

A large burl - added by Joy

Sun and shade on the trail - added by Joy

clouds and wind at the top - added by Joy

A cool lunch as we hunkered down in the shelter of the rocks - added by Joy

A quick glimpse toward the high peaks before Don and I headed down...on that "short walk through the woods"...hahaha. The climb up through the steep gully was easier... - added by Joy

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