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A-Team Hike to Meade Mtn ~ Oct 5, 2017

Journal entry by Don McMahon

Very Interesting day! Hike group Tom, Don and Bonnie. Parking for only about 3 cars. Started 10:10 am. Only sign-in with thermometer I've seen - 58 F! Trail is horizontal for about one tenth of a mile, then starts up and doesn't stop until you gain 400 ft of elevation near the summit of Meade. About 1/3 of the way up, we met a man hiking down. So I said "There was no car in the parking lot so you must be local" He said "My name is Beckman and I own the property." You have to appreciate that Bonnie's grandfather's house is located a tenth of a mile from the trailhead. So Bonnie asked if he knew her grandfather, named Hammond (Bonnie's birth name is Hammond!), and he did! So a lot of talk about local people including the Meades. The additional peak (50 ft descent between Beckman and Meade) was named Beckman because "Frank Beckman" allowed the trail to be there. Also, we now know that the trail is closed during hunting season so that Franks neighbors can hunt on his property, open to hiking and snowshoeing otherwise. As you all know the day was perfect weatherwise and we leasurely walked the summit area, enjoying the many views to the east. There is a bench to rest at the summit of Meade and a picnic table at the summit of Beckman where we had lunch. After lunch we looped back to Meade and sat, enjoying the view and the wonderful day. This mountain reminds me of one that Peter took us to east of Keene valley where we had a gorgeous view looking south west into Johns Brook valley with not a very big climb. (Unfortunately I can't remember the name.) Meade is the best of the Chester challenges! But get there before or after rifle hunting season.

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Sign at Meade Summit

View of mountains south of Mead including Gore

View south east of Ross (foreground) from Meade

View north east from Beckman toward Schroon Lake and Pharoah Mtn

Looking south toward Loon Lake from Beckman

View of east end of Loon lake from Beckman

Hammond house (Bonnie's grandfather) as it looks today

My co-hikers - pretty area between summits

What a nice surprise on the trail.... - added by Bonnie

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