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Snowy Mountain Fire Tower ~ Oct 2, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

SNOWY MOUNTAIN FIRE TOWER HIKE On Tuesday, Oct. 2, Peter, Ray, Jack and Lenore took a fall foliage drive to Indian Lake. The colors from Warrensburg north were peak, the red maples vying with the yellow birch for best of show. Cranberry, walnut muffins energized us for the 7.86 mile, 2244’ total ascent that faced us . A young couple from Clinton led the way and were soon out of sight. We always meet folks from around the state and country who come to our neck of the woods for our exceptional hiking.

The most challenging part of the the first 21/2 miles of the hike was rock jumping and balancing over three stream crossings, hoping our poles wouldn’t slip. We were delighted by three easier crossings, huge hemlocks, a carpet of colorful leaves and several beautifully constructed rock stairways. Then the rise up the knob began, the paths leading up streams and rock cascades, through mud and over huge steps of bedrock and roots to the overlook, where we saw......white. The mountain top was completely socked in with clouds and blowing mist. A quick trudge up the fire tower offered a cool breeze and thicker mist. We lunched overlooking white and began the slippery trip down, hanging on to trees and roots, carefully planning each step. After descending the knob, we sloshed along the trail, wetter and muddier than before. As we descended below the clouds, we paused to appreciate brilliant birch groves, the cascading stream, and a jackknife, half pirouette performed by Ray.

A stop at Stewarts and more foliage viewing ended our trip. We agreed that although we missed fantastic views from the top, the misty lighting of woods and mountains was quite spectacular. Lenore and Jack

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Peter's "Make Your Own Sunday" had one of every topping available, including Sprinkles. Since I don't see them in the picture I suspect he woofed them down before he got to the car. I do wish he had left the Maraschino Cherry on top though. It would have added a little color. - by Ray

Viewing 53 of 70 - 2012


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