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Chimney Mountain Hike ~ Sep 18, 2013

Journal entry by Don McMahon

This was the rerun of last Thursday's event that was cancelled due to rain. No rain today! The day started cool at WCMC so everyone was overdressed except Peter who uses only a T shirt when the temperature is above freezing. Five of us had the fortune to be out on a beautiful cloudless day that made us feel glad to be alive. The steady climb in the still cool forest canopy warmed us up and we reached the chimneys well before lunch. After crawling over the rock ledges and taking lots of pictures, we made the side trip to the open grassy summit with its spectacular 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains. Then back to the chimneys and the finally successful attempt (lots of herd paths to lots of caves - how to know where to go!) to cross the divide and reach the adjacent ridge that provides the "cool" panorama view of the chimneys. We then followed selective herd paths to return to the main trail. A great day and we did everything that one could do - followed by ice cream at Stewart's on the way back. See the beautiful photos!

9/21/13 - Wanderer . added 14 photos.

10/6/13 - Margie Litwin added 2 photos.

10/6/13 - Margie Litwin added 6 photos.

22 photos

Linda and Sam (Linda is a blurry because she is hiking fast) - added by Wanderer

Wild Purple Aster (the technical name is Pretty Little Purple Flower) - added by Wanderer

Snowy Mt - added by Wanderer

Blue Mt - added by Wanderer

Largest Chimney - added by Wanderer

High Peaks - added by Wanderer

View Looking North - Lake Abanakee (C) and Adirondack Lake (R) - added by Wanderer

On the True Summit - A Bushwhack [Margie, Sam, Linda and Don] - added by Wanderer

Just Following Pete - added by Wanderer

Naturally Framed - added by Wanderer

Our Leader - added by Wanderer

Sunbathing Garter Snake - added by Wanderer

Looking Back at the Chimney From the Opposite Ridge - added by Wanderer

Kings Flow and the Cabins at Our Start - added by Wanderer

I could climb that Chimney, well maybe not this year! - added by Margie

Two mighty strong rock supports. - added by Margie

Interesting rock formation - added by Margie

Sam enjoys the summit. - added by Margie

This mountaintop cave opening beckons spelunkers-not our hiking companions. - added by Margie

Another of many cave openings high on the ridges. - added by Margie

Scarlet Jack-in-the-Pulpit seeds - added by Margie

Happy couple. Linda-happy not to have to climb back down and up to the far Chimney where we stopped to view this hard-earned resting spot. - added by Margie

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