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Sleeping Beauty Mt and Bumps Pond Loop Hike ~ Oct 20, 2015

Journal entry by Wanderer

The loop hike to Sleeping Beauty Mt and Bumps Pond was a resounding success for the ten participants, with near perfect weather and just a super day. I can understand why some of you didn't attend because it was raining in many areas earlier in the morning but you need to trust me more in the future - I wouldn't ever lead you astray - would I? I admit that I was somewhat worried myself about whether I should cancel but our son Greg and his girlfriend Anita were here for a short visit from southern California and I had promised them a hike in the Lake George area and we had a limited window to schedule one. It started out cloudy when we arrived at the WCMC but there was some blue skies peeking through towards the north which made all of us hopeful. The ride isn't very long in distance from the WCMC; however, at 20 mph on the Shelving Rock Road it seemed like forever until we got to the road to Dacy Clearing and we still had a few miles to go. It is difficult to describe the colors this year - there were some areas of vivid contrasts with a blend of greens, yellows and reds yet there were sections where the leaves hadn't changed at all or where the trees were completely void of leaves. Buttermilk Falls was completely dry - the normal flowing water replaced by a cascade of multi-covered leaves. A quick group picture at the trailhead and we were on our way along the wide, leaf covered trail - still wet from the earlier light rain. While this is one of my favorite hikes the trail itself makes for difficult walking with medium sized rough stones making up the trail surface - add some slippery leaves on top of the roots and rocks and you had to be careful. Nonetheless, we knew that the destination would be our reward and the woods were in their glory with colors of all shades surrounding our route. It was a little before noon when we arrived at the open summit and were blessed with full sun, blue skies, accented with a variety of clouds - some causing the distant views to be obscured. The temp was in the lows 60's but with a slight wind most elected to keep their windshells on. We spent a long time on the summit, breaking out the lunches and visiting before most began exploring the several knobs along the ridge, seeking out that perfect view. Greg shared some of his stories about growing up with his mom and dad but I think it will be his unique laughter that will be remembered by all. Lunch had to end eventually so we reluctantly gathered our gear and headed down. The first third of the descent was still slightly wet, perhaps from the shade, but the trail soon became drier and the footing better. The approach to Bumps Pond is as pretty as it gets - first by crossing the outlet channel with a picturesque view of the northern end of the pond, then following the contour of the shore with views of the pond from different angles. Soon the trail diverges from the pond and continues its gradual descent to the intersection where we started the loop, then continues to the parking lot. We arrived back at the cars earlier than expected and Tom suggested that we visit the end of Shelving Rock Rd and show Anita and Greg an up-close view of Lake George. Everyone loved the idea and after a longer than expected drive, parked our cars at the last lot and walked to one of the most prominent peninsulas in that area - directly in front of Hen and Chicken Islands and just south of the Knapp Estate property. Lake George was quiet, the summer boat traffic gone, the waters were calm and we had super views in all directions - a perfect close to a wonderful day. Thank you Diane and Kurt, Don, Tom, Cathy C, Margie for sharing your day with Linda and me and a special thank you from Anita and Greg. They loved hiking and visiting with you all and thought the Canes were a terrific group of people and will go back to California with fond memories of their day with you. Perhaps one day they will start a California chapter of the Canes! Peter 10/28/15 - Wanderer . added 27 photos.

27 photos

Looking forward to a great hike - added by Wanderer

Reptile Alley - Diane's favorite part of the trail - reminds her of her love of snakes - NOT! - added by Wanderer

Tom and Cathy gaining some ground - added by Wanderer

The Wall - added by Wanderer

Kurt calming Diane among all the "snakes" - added by Wanderer

Visitors from CA - Linda and Peter's youngest son Gregory and his girlfriend Anita - added by Wanderer

View west - Sagamore Resort (center) with Crane Mt (distant left) and Cat Mt (right) - added by Wanderer

Lunch perch - added by Wanderer

View west - added by Wanderer

Still lots of color - added by Wanderer

Greg and Don - added by Wanderer

The Narrows and Montcalm Pt. - added by Wanderer

Cathy on the edge! - added by Wanderer

Enjoying some sun - added by Wanderer

Bumps Pond outlet - added by Wanderer

Anita and Greg - ahh! - added by Wanderer

Remnants of an old cabin near the shore of Bumps Pond - it must have been a wonderful place - added by Wanderer

Bumps Pond - added by Wanderer

Walking out - added by Wanderer

Margie and Linda - added by Wanderer

Tom in contemplation - added by Wanderer

Time gone by - part of the carriage road - added by Wanderer

Pretty woods - added by Wanderer

Inviting path - added by Wanderer

View south from the shore of Lake George at the end of Shelving Rock Rd. - added by Wanderer

Knapp Estate with Pole Hill in the background - added by Wanderer

Most everyone - added by Wanderer

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