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Hurricane Mountain ~ Oct 19, 2016

Journal entry by Karen Burka

After a day change and a trailhead change, 13 CC's assembled at the Crow's Clearing parking area to start their journey to the summit of Hurricane Mountain and the Hurricane Mountain fire tower. The first mile of the three mile climb was relatively flat over a colorful leafy trail. Much of the rest of the moderate trail found us in the midst of beautiful white birch and pine forests. We had a short rock scramble just before reaching the large open rocky summit of Hurricane. The views in all directions were amazing. The changing sky with a combination of blue skies, clouds and sun made for some wonderful perspectives of the mountains and Lake Champlain. We found a good lunch spot protected from the breeze and got comfortable (for quite a while!). Some CC's climbed the fire tower for more views (and MORE breeze). Eventually, it was time to head back. The golden leaves of the white birch trees against the blue sky presented a pretty picture on our descent. We never did make it to the lean-to which was about .25 miles off the main trail. (We decided that once you've seen one lean-to you've seen them all.) I think we were just ready to get back to our cars!

Thank you to Peter, Linda, Kurt, Diane, Rich, Barbara, Margie, Jo-Ellen, Barbara D., Peggy, Scott and Lynn for sharing the day with me. 

10/22/16 - Diane Wisell added 6 photos.

10/30/16 - Barbara Zuccaro added 3 photos. 12/27/16 - Wanderer . added 16 photos.

35 photos

Happy Hurricane Hikers!

It's unusual to see rocks on an Adirondack trail!

Hi Margie!

Hey, where's everybody going???

Just finished the rock scramble.

In 2015, the restored fire tower was opened to the public. The roof was scheduled to be repaired in 2016, but the work hasn't been done yet.

The profile of High Peak Sawteeth Mountain is seen in the center of the photo.

It's lunch time!

Looking towards Lake Champlain.

Isn't this the same group I saw at the trailhead? These people must be following me!

All decorated and ready for Christmas! - added by Diane

Margie and Jo Ellen out of the breeze enjoying the sun. - added by Diane

Our leader, Karen and I discuss Higgs mechanism. - added by Diane

Lynn's cozy mountaintop nook. - added by Diane

Barbara sees what she saw earlier this fall...Whiteface, again! - added by Diane

ABRACADABRA! One five syllable word, if well placed, will cleave even the most stubborn rock! - added by Diane

A threatening cloud shading the landscape. - added by Barbara

Wonderful views from the top of the fire tower as we kneel below the wall to keep out of the wind. - added by Barbara

Hiking thru a forest of Birch trees! - added by Barbara

More of the beautiful birches along the trail - added by Wanderer

No one said anything about rock climbing - added by Wanderer

More rock climbing and more up! - added by Wanderer

Gaining the last few feet - added by Wanderer

A cairn with a nice view of Whiteface Mt - added by Wanderer

View of the High Peaks seen thru the fire tower - added by Wanderer

Looking SW - Big Slide in the center & Algonquin immediately in back of it - added by Wanderer

Looking N - Jay Mt Wilderness with Saddleback Mt in the forefront and Jay Mt and its ridge on the horizon/left - added by Wanderer

Pitchoff Ridge with Balancing Rocks to the far left - added by Wanderer

Looking S - Rocky Peak ridge with Giant in the foreground and the Dix Range to the right/center - added by Wanderer

Kurt - the Cane's Outing Ambassador lending assistance to a visitor from Canada. Rich observing his technique - I think he said "real smooth Kurt" - added by Wanderer

Kurt making sure we maintain a "close" relationship to our neighbor from the north. "You live just a little west of true north - see, over there" - added by Wanderer

Friends for life! - added by Wanderer

Kurt trying his hand at more diplomacy - this time with visitors from Israel - added by Wanderer

Kurt showing them on their GPS that they just climbed the wrong peak - added by Wanderer

Time to head down - wonderful hike Karen! - added by Wanderer

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