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Jay Mountain Bonus Hike ~ Oct 3, 2017

Journal entry by Ghost Writer For Gail and Kurt

As with most repeat outings, new things are noticed and today was no exception. That was a very GOOD thing! About two miles from the trail head, having enjoyed a nice walk gently to moderately uphill through the woods we arrived at that first overlook and found the young ladies lounging and thinking they'd summited Jay. The day being so clear, we noticed views of Lake Champlain, mostly of the Willsboro / Essex area that we had not noticed before and which we thought could only be seen from the summit. Phew, with Champlain out of the equation, I didn't have to feel guilty about missing that view!

After a leisurely lunch, we began our trek toward the summit to take in views along the open areas of the ridge and where at some point when we thought we'd had enough, turn around. Perhaps where we had lunch last year, at a large cairn a couple of kaknobbers below the summit. We soon passed the young ladies group parked at the next overlook where they had decided the view was nice and enough was enough.

Arriving at the cairn, feeling good and younger than we were perhaps regarded by a certain party, we enjoyed the sun, the day and some fun for quite a while before deciding to make our way toward the trailhead, our cars and home. Having found out at Wolf Pond that one of the fishermen we had met, Allen Aardsma, is a carver and that his studio is less than four miles from the Jay trail head, a couple of us decided to stumble in for a visit which turned out to be one more very memorable bit of adventure at the end of an otherwise great day and which provided additional lovely scenes with late day sun on foliage along the Ausable and soon after, the two-days-from-full rising moon to complete our ride home.

I'm glad everyone seemed to have just as much fun as I did!

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Our adventurers! Shelly, Lori, Mike, Bob, Scott, Jack, Jim, Barbara, Gail, Cathy, Lynn, Lenore, Diane and Kurt

We saw lots of very nice fall colors, including big clusters of ripe Mountain Ash berries.

Gail at the cairn a couple kaknobbers below the summit.

"What's THAT up there?"

Somebody doing a headstand?

It sure is!

And here he is! It's Ian the Headstand man nonchalantly posing with the Drooley Sisters!

Roused from her perch on the cairn, Gail joins Ian The Headstand Man jumping rope.

And soon it was time for not wanting to leave.

Allen, our fisherman friend we met at Wolf Pond, in his studio with a snapping turtle carving he recently completed.

Viewing 59 of 76 - 2017


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