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Friends Lake Paddle and Picnic ~ Sep 5, 2013

Journal entry by Peter for Eric and Tom

Tom and Eric are pretty slick guys getting me to write their trip report. After all, they were the leaders – I just don’t understand. Tom said he would be busy checking the air in his tires during the next couple of days and Eric was going cross country (I heard rumors that he is going to volunteer to help fight forest fires in CA) – that is rather drastic measure just to avoid writing something. This has been happening to me a lot recently – why just last week Fran went out with an email scheduling HER Catskill hike but said that I would be leading! Oh well I’ll give it a shot.

Linda and I did not intend to paddle so we offered to drive Eleanor and Irv Boyle. There was no rush to be early so we took our time. We had a wonderful visit during the drive, only to arrive with the parking area full! Unbeknownst to us Tom had reserved a spot close to the picnic area – VIP treatment for my passengers for sure. (Could it be that he was going to ask a favor of me later?)

There were some non-paddlers already comfortable in their lawn chairs, but as soon the boats began arriving from their guided tour of the lake by Eric, it became apparent that the little circle of people had to be expanded to accommodate the 43 people in attendance. You read it correctly – 43! As the paddlers came ashore they were interested in getting their boats loaded and redirect their focus on just one thing – lunch. Tom and Eric were busy cooking the hot dogs and any other specialty foods brought by visitors while the rest of the food was shuttled from coolers and secret hiding places. There was lots of variety for all – even for vegans and vegetarians. Initially, everyone used their own chairs to enjoy lunch but soon began the traditional musical chairs (sans music) in order to visit with as many people as possible. I don’t know how Eric and Tom arranged it, but at about 12:30 they had a low-flying C-130 cargo plane fly directly over the picnic area – nice touch guys! The letters NSA could clearly be seen on the tail - makes me wonder.

What was supposed to be a cool day turned out to be perfect with lots of sun and no bugs. There are just too many names to list but I feel comfortable to speak for them all – thank you Eric and Tom for having all of us as your guests – you are super hosts! Of course neither one of them could have done all this without the support of their wonderful wives Maryanne Gibbs and Suzanne Neils.


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Jim R - Joanne - Fran - Margie

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Lenore - Jo Ellen (standing) - Linda - Karen Burke (being herself) - Edythe and Chuck Bennett

Will Holt - Etta - Dale

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Photo added by Joanne

Chefs hard at work in the kitchen - added by Joanne

Sumptuous repast! - added by Joanne

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Photo added by Joanne

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Looks like "how many people does it take to screw in a light bulb" but I think it is a group lesson on how a Hullavator works? - added by Joanne

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