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New York/Sandgate VT Bike ~ Oct 2, 2014

Journal entry by Peter for Bob

There are bike trips and there are bike trips but none quite as nice as NY/Sandgate VT. What it doesn't have in length it makes up in variety - paved roads, gravel roads and even dirt; there are valleys and some hills with an exhilarating descent on one of them. Along our route we see farm animals, historical cemeteries, covered bridges, and the former home of Norman Rockwell - now The Inn On Covered Bridge Green. Fantastic views abound all along the route; combine that with very little traffic and near perfect weather - you can see why many think this trip is their favorite. From our meeting place at McDonald's in Greenwich, nine Caners caravanned to the NY-VT 313 parking lot at the state line. This is the same area where we put-in for our paddle of the Battenkill for you non-bikers. Ken was already there to greet us and heard the news that Linda had treated everyone with fresh cider donuts from Saratoga Apple at the McDonald's parking lot - despite being offered, he declined - what will power! It wasn't long before we departed, along the familiar route for most of us but completely new to three. The weather was perfect as the group biked on the paved, then gravel road, passing farmland and stopping at the Old Moravian Cemetery so that Tom could perform his annual check for mail - none this year again. The route does not lend itself to speed, but rather enjoyment of the surroundings. Nevertheless, a constant vigil is needed to watch out for ruts that may cause you to get friendly with Mother Earth. The group spreads out a little but somehow rejoins periodically - at a strategic turn or just out of compassion for those that may be slower. We are not rushed - fall is in the air and the colors are everywhere - winter will be upon us soon enough - go slow. We eventually come to the "up" part of route - familiar to most, dreaded by some but still we move on, somehow pedaling or walking to the top. A short rest is all that is needed for the descent - for the majority of us pedaling is not needed - only the proper use of the brakes. Ken of course is different (but we all knew that) - he prefers to see if he can mimic the bikers of the Tour de France on their long alpine descents. Safe at the bottom, Ken directs us to the Town of Sandgate, a picturesque little Vermont town caught in a time warp, where we will have lunch. The Sandgate Cemetery has been our chosen picnic spot for a number of years, the residents are quiet and don't seem to mind our trespass. Situated on a hill overlooking the town - a better location for a cemetery or a lunch spot would be hard to find. We find time to visit with one another and explore the cemetery at leisure - the earliest gravestone record is that of Capt. Nathaniel Jones who died February 6, 1794, at the age of 49 years. Time to go, our group heads back to civilization - but not before one last detour; crossing a covered bridge for a picture at the Norman Rockwell house, then on a dirt road along the Battenkill. Thank you Bob for leading us on yet another wonderful outing - hope to see everyone next year. Of course an outing wouldn't be any fun without participants - Tom, our co-leader, Ken, Barbara, Joanne, Linda, Liz, Don and newcomer John Kirwin. Peter for Bob 10/8/14 - Ken Gericke added 11 photos.

33 photos

Ready to go

The views begin immediately

Another year without mail

Joanne making a new friend

Must be October

Still in New York

Roadside greeters

Newly paved - just for us

Lunch is near - just up the hill

Sandgate has been around a long time

Some older headstones at Sandgate Cemetery

Lots of color remaining

"Our Group"

Pete with all his friends

Headed back

Roadside view

Happy Bikers

View from the Inn

Just chillin

Almost back to our start

"Prayer of the Woods" (partial) attached to a maple tree. It continues - Ye Who Pass By, Listen to my Prayer: "Harm Me Not"

The Battenkill

Sleepy morning on the Battenkill River near our start. - added by Ken

A little mist and cloud cover to start the day. - added by Ken

Sugar Shack. - added by Ken

Just one of the pretty little brooks along our route. - added by Ken

Joanne at the bottom of a long exciting downhill. - added by Ken

Tom reaches the bottom....Sandgate and our lunch stop are just around the corner. - added by Ken

Here comes Don McMahon! - added by Ken

Liz exploring some of the old headstones in the Sandgate cemetery where we lunched. - added by Ken

The village of Sangate from our lunch stop....a picture postcard. - added by Ken

Sandgate Schoolhouse. - added by Ken

Well, time to get going! Joanne...JOANNE! - added by Ken

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