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Wolf Pond Hike ~ Sep 28, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Hiking a new trail in the woods is often a delightful, rare and very special experience. Those words sum up our hike to Wolf Pond but it is in the details that long-to-be-cherished memories dwell. This year's extended August weather, though not particularly conducive to developing spectacular fall colors, provided us the second day in a week with weather perfectly fitting our outing. Cooler than two days before when we paddled, swam, lounged and enjoyed ourselves just down the road at Henderson Lake, a clear sky, low humidity, light breeze and bugs having obligations elsewhere made the day perfect for a six mile stroll over rolling terrain to a scenic location. That Tom and Don planned to go with us again heightened our anticipation of a grand experience.

The fun started with "FISH!" shouted from the woods by someone seeking a moment of solitude. It was assumed that a couple of suckers or something had been observed in the stream nearby. Just then, Allen and Bill, two fishermen, emerged from the woods grinning from ear to ear, each carrying a fine stringer of big rainbow trout from the Boreas River. On the faces of the fishermen among us jaws dropped and jealousy reared its head. The notion of "suckers in the brook" turned out to be true as Allen and Jim were quickly swindled into posing with all of us for our group picture. Conversation ensued between two frequent trip leaders (also fishermen who would once again lead from about a half mile behind the back of the bus) and their newest best friends. They learned Allen is an artist whose work the Canes would appreciate and which can be seen by clicking HERE.

Racing through the woods like a herd of turtles, the leaders found opportunity to dawdle in yet MORE conversation, this time with Rob Ripp, a DEC forester who designed the not yet officially open trail we enjoyed and his group of trail builders. They hardly had time, as everyone else did, to enjoy beautiful views of Wolf Brook along the trail nor extensive beds of inviting emerald green moss illuminated by filtered sunlight, the huge pines, hemlocks and myriad other interesting scenes, finally catching up to us not-yet-lost hikers about the time lunch was three quarters eaten at the new Wolf Pond lean-to. The lean-to is a great lunch spot and everyone had plenty of time for conversation, exploration and to take in views of the lovely pond and nearby mountains. Eventually the trail will connect to the Boreas Ponds Tract, providing a host of interesting possibilities.

Only one swimmer today and though the swim was not initially intentional was pretty nice anyway and it did ward off an impending snooze. Perhaps it was due to cosmic powers possessed by the swimmer's Magically Mysterious Disappearing Meandering Hiking Pole.

After the leaders wolfed down their Wolf Pond lunch, the rest of us now having welcomed and become well acquainted with our two new Crooked Canes, Jackie and Joanne (30 High Peaks already climbed!) and Nancy on her second outing with us, began retracing our steps back to the trail head, all looking forward to a relaxed and colorful drive home in the afternoon sun.

10/7/17 - Wanderer . added 11 photos.

14 photos

Today's gang, L to R: Don, Joanne, Jackie, Claudia, Cathy, Lynn, Scott,Katie, Linda, Bob & Allen the fishermen, Dennis, Diane, Linda, Lori, Gabby Pete, Nancy and Tom. Photo by Gabby Kurt.

Today's lone swimmer, still searching for a hiking pole.

The view from Wolf Pond's outlet

Kurt on the new foot bridge over Wolf Pond Brook - he thinks he saw a huge fish under the bridge but I think he ate one too many wild mushrooms along the trail - added by Wanderer

Kurt next to a large outcropping along the trail. The trail took us through pretty woods - wild and remote feeling. - added by Wanderer

The dynamic duo - Tom & Don! - added by Wanderer

View from area in front of the lean-to across Wolf Pond. I didn't take any bearings but Wolf Pond Mountain (R) and Boreas Mountain (L) ? - help please. - added by Wanderer

Trail crew hanging their food - trying to protect it from bears and Kurt - added by Wanderer

Some of the group having lunch at the lean-to - added by Wanderer

View of some of the High Peaks from Wolf Pond outlet. This view is new to me so I would appreciate help with their id's. Mt. Marcy is directly over the large rock with Haystack to its left (?) and Skylight to its right (?) and ??? - added by Wanderer

Outlet of Wolf Pond - added by Wanderer

Group at the lean-to sans Don, Tom & Linda. Back row (L to R) - Jackie, Cathy, Lori, Katie, Kurt, Diane, Lynn, Claudia, Linda P, and Nancy; Front row - Scott and Joanne - added by Wanderer

Kurt and the trail crew - added by Wanderer

Upstream view of the Boreas River adjacent to the trailhead - added by Wanderer

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